All beauty and wellness experts recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day . In this way, hydration, correct functioning of all vital organs, detoxification and also an anti-aging effect are guaranteed. That’s right, because drinking the right amount of water keeps your skin beautiful, especially on the face and the appearance will be fresher, toned, luminous and naturally young. We will discover in the article why water is a real panacea for Sanatate si Bunastare and how it acts on skin, hair, cellulite and excess fat. There’s no doubt about it, water is precious and a true low-cost elixir available to everyone.

In particular we will see why water…

It’s good for the face
It’s good for the skin
It helps you lose weight
It’s good for the hair

Water and the effect on the face

The water is very rich in mineral salts and trace elements, essential for the correct functioning of the whole organism and particularly effective against skin aging. This happens because water is a hydrating food and allows you to have a luminous, plumped and fresh complexion in the long term. Furthermore, drinking at least 2 liters of water every day allows you to eliminate waste and toxins, which also cause aging and dull skin tone. Thanks to this daily routine, to be distributed between morning, afternoon and evening, the face will be more relaxed and toned from the first few weeks.

However, it is important to cleanse your skin perfectly in the morning and in the evening and carefully remove make-up before going to bed. Finally, it is also essential to hydrate the complexion with a specific moisturizing cream specific to your skin type and to be used in the morning and evening, preferably after applying a tonic or micellar water. We always recommend natural, delicate but effective products that are free of perfumes, petrolatum, synthetic oils and chemicals in general. We make this recommendation because we are aware that most of the cosmetics on the market are of this latter type. For us it is very important that the skin is treated with products that are as natural as possible and therefore respectful of the skin.

Ultimately, is it better to have a quick but only apparent result or one that requires more time and consistency but whose results are real and long-lasting? This is ultimately the difference between non-natural cosmetics and natural cosmetics, to which must also be added the possible allergenic and sensitizing effects of chemical products. But we digressed a bit. Let’s get back to our discussion on the benefits of water.

Water is good for the skin

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, drinking the right amount of water every day ensures the right hydration and not only for the skin, but for the entire body . The epidermis, in particular, benefits greatly and this can be seen with the naked eye after just a few days in which approximately 2 liters of natural water are consumed. In particular, the skin appears smooth, toned and hydrated, with a luminous and uniform complexion. It is often mistakenly thought that dry skin can be eliminated thanks to the topical use of moisturizing creams. These are important, but most of all it is internal hydration that contributes to its normalization. In fact, the skin is very receptive and will immediately appear less rough, does not itch, will chap less easily and will also become less sensitive to aggressive detergents. This is clearly evident on areas such as the elbows, knees and ankles which often tend to be thickened.
Many people are a little hesitant about drinking this amount of water; indeed, for many it is actually a problem, they actually find it difficult to drink large quantities of water. We want to give you a tip: you can consume good quantities of water even by consuming lots of raw fruit and vegetables. In this way, in addition to obtaining the benefits brought by water, you also take in large quantities of vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, all invaluable allies of the beauty and health of the skin, both of the face and body.

Did you know that our body is made up of 60% water? This is why it is so important for our health and beauty. After all, by drinking we only replenish what is naturally lost through normal physiological functions.

Water makes you lose weight

Water, in addition to being good for the skin, is also an excellent aid in maintaining a healthy weight. That’s right, because those who want to maintain an enviable shape all year round and perhaps even lose a few kilos should start drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. The recipe and doses are always the same and, according to studies conducted by Boston University, this essential food for life is a true anti-fat. Scholars have highlighted how the intake of this quantity of liquid speeds up the metabolism and therefore helps to burn a greater number of calories. Not only that, water lowers the level of sugars and fats in the blood and in general throughout the body, ensuring weight loss and eliminating waste caused by these elements. Finally, water also helps to eliminate excess fluids and is therefore essential for treating cellulite. Obviously you will have long-lasting and visible results if you lead a healthy life, eating a balanced diet, doing physical activity and drinking water regularly every day forever.

Water for more beautiful and healthy hair

Drinking lots of water is good for you, we have already highlighted this in previous chapters and now we underline how this food is also important for having healthy and beautiful hair . Water is in fact an invaluable ally of beauty and thanks to the supply of liquids the hair will immediately be shinier and more voluminous. The skin on the scalp will then dry out less and even those who suffer from dandruff will notice a gradual improvement in this pathology. This happens because water eliminates, as already mentioned, excess toxins in the body and also manages to purify the scalp. The trace elements and mineral salts present nourish the hair shaft and make it strong, beautiful and healthy , also preventing hair loss. If obviously the hair and skin problems are chronic, it is also a good idea to visit a specialist, such as a dermatologist and also get advice on a suitable shampoo. Very often the aggressiveness of detergents, the excessive quantity used, the frequency of washing and the limescale present in the water create dandruff and dryness. You will immediately see the benefits: a well-hydrated scalp does not produce dry dandruff. Furthermore, the mineral salts and trace elements present in the water nourish the hair shaft, restoring strength to dull and fragile hair.

If you have problems with your hair, consider increasing the amount of water you drink daily: very often internal hydration is more effective than a lot of expensive products – shampoos, conditioners, compresses, masks, miracle drops.