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Tea drinking traditions

Each nation has its own unique traditions and customs. National dishes and drinks are one of many indicators of ethnic identity, a gastronomic calling card, so to speak. And tea is no exception. Tea drinking traditions have been formed over many centuries and have their own characteristics among different nationalities. As you know, tea is a drink originally from China. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Chinese tea ceremony Gongfu Cha is considered the most ancient. This is not just drinking tea, but a real tea art, filled with philosophical meaning and aimed at finding inner harmony. You can argue that everything is much simpler and tea is just a drink like many others. If you drink tea in a hurry, on the run, while drinking regular tea bags from the nearest supermarket, this may be so. But for sure, you would like to try real Chinese tea, each sip of which immerses you in a new world of tastes and aromas, giving real pleasure from the tea drinking process.

Assortment of the HOTTEA tea store

The rich assortment of the HOTTEA online tea store includes many types and varieties of tea, including the famous Chinese teas. In addition to traditional green and black teas, you will also find something unusual. Have you ever come across white tea? Do you know such types of tea as pu-erh or oolong? Here at hottea.com.ua you can get acquainted with such teas and choose an option to suit your taste. Among oolong tea, we recommend paying attention to such legendary varieties as Da Hong Pao and Tie Guan Yin, especially since we have several varieties of them. And for those who likes sweets, milk oolong is always available – a popular Chinese tea with the aroma of milk. Pu-erh tea is presented in all its diversity: raw and ripe, loose and pressed in the form of cake or tocha, young and aged are available. There is also cha gao pu-erh resin.

To get acquainted with the Japanese tea tradition, we suggest trying the following teas: matcha – traditional powdered green tea; sencha is a popular steamed green tea and genmaicha is an unusual green tea with the addition of roasted brown rice.

Indian black tea will delight you with the famous Darjeeling and Assam varieties. Masala, a traditional Indian tea with spices, is also available.

And here you will find a large selection of ethnic herbal teas that will surprise you. For example, butterfly pea tea is an unusual and healthy blue drink made from the flowers of the clitoria ternatea. Or lapacho, which is made from the bark of the ant tree. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of South America called it the “tree of life” and considered this plant a panacea for many diseases. Mate is a famous South American herbal tea made from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly. Mate is famous for its tonic effect, and its caffeine content can compete with coffee. In addition, we have Ku Qiao buckwheat tea, which is grains of Tatary buckwheat. Recently, buckwheat tea has become a popular healthy eating trend. African rooibos tea is ideal for those who want to limit their caffeine intake. Moreover, we present various versions of this herbal tea: green rooibos, red, with caramel, strawberry and orange. Jasmine flowers are good both when brewed in pure form and as an additive to other teas. Fans of bitter tastes will like kudin, which is broadleaf holly leaves twisted into the shape of spears. Spear Kudin tea is valued for its tonic and restorative properties. And of course, we have hibiscus, a popular red drink made from hibiscus flowers. And for fans of aromatic herbal blends, we have herbal teas from Germany for every taste.

Tea is a healthy and tasty drink that can not only give you the joy of drinking tea, but also improve your health. And getting to know new teas is always an exciting process. We will be happy to help you find new tea flavors that will help you find harmony and improve your mood.

We wish you pleasant tea parties with HOTTEA tea store!