Turkey is one of the countries with the richest marble resources in the world. Turkish marbles, which stand out with their different colours, patterns and textures, offer an aesthetic appearance both indoors and outdoors. Let’s discuss Turkey’s marble types, especially 1 metre marble prices, kitchen countertop usage, the most expensive and highest quality marble types, popular kitchen marble models, Turkey’s marble deposits and onyx marble.

Turkey is one of the countries with the richest marble resources in the world.

Turkey Marble Types and Properties:

Among the different types of marble quarried in Turkey, Carrara, Emperador, Botticino, Travertine and Crema Marfil are the most well-known and preferred varieties worldwide. Each marble type has a wide usage area in architectural projects with its unique colour, pattern and texture.

Turkey Marble Deposits:

Turkey has rich marble deposits in various regions. Cities such as Afyon, Bilecik, Denizli and Muğla are important marble production regions of Turkey. The marbles extracted in these regions are exported worldwide for both indoor and outdoor use.

Turkey is a country with important marble production regions around the world. The rich marble deposits in different geographical regions of Turkey allow the production of marble in various colours, patterns and textures. Here are some important marble production regions of Turkey:


Afyonkarahisar, one of Turkey’s most famous marble production regions, is known worldwide for its Afyon White marble.

Afyonkarahisar is home to many different types of white marble that stand out with their quality and aesthetic appearance.


Bilecik is especially known for its beige and black coloured marbles.

Various marble types such as Bilecik Beige, Crema Bilecik are quality materials that are frequently used in architectural projects.

Denizli :

Denizli is one of the important marble production centres of Turkey.  Travertine

Among the marbles produced here, travertine, beige and grey marbles attract attention.


Muğla is home to the production of quality white marbles.

The marble varieties known as Muğla White are a preferred option with their purity and elegance.


Izmir is a region known for its marbles of different colours.

Among the marbles produced in Izmir, there are various types with white, grey and beige tones.

These marble deposits in Turkey are in demand not only within the country but also worldwide. Turkish marble is preferred in many international architectural projects due to its quality, aesthetic appearance and wide range of colours. Turkey’s marble sector is an important player in the global market with its high production capacity and diversity.

1 Metre Marble Prices:

Marble prices vary according to variety, quality and demand. In general, one metre marble prices vary. There is a wide range of prices from low-cost marbles such as Carrara to the prices of rare species with special patterns.

 Kitchen Countertop Marble Usage:

Marble is a frequently preferred material for kitchen worktops. Known for both elegance and durability, marble countertops add elegance to kitchens. Especially light-coloured marbles have the potential to add a spacious atmosphere to kitchens.

The Most Expensive Marble Types:

Among the most expensive marble types worldwide are rare and specially patterned marbles such as Arabescato Corchia, Blue Bahia, Calacatta Gold and Statuario Venato. These species carry high price tags due to their high demand and limited production.

Which is the Best Quality Marble?

The quality of marble is evaluated by its durability, aesthetic appearance and workability. Marble types such as Carrara, Calacatta, Nero Marquina, which are globally recognised and known as high quality, stand out with their long life and aesthetic features.

Kitchen Marble Models:

Among the marbles used in kitchens, white marbles, marbles in grey tones, marbles in black and brown tones stand out. Pattern and colour options have a wide range to create kitchen designs for every taste.

Onyx Marble:

Onyx marble is a type of marble that attracts attention with its unique colour tones and natural veins. Especially when illuminated, its transparent and translucent properties are revealed. Onyx marble, which is frequently preferred for decorative purposes, is a popular option for use in special projects.


 Turkey’s rich marble  ( mermer ) resources, different varieties and quality production make it a preferred marble supplier worldwide. The diversity, aesthetic appearance and durability of marble offer an ideal material option for many different projects.