Just twenty or so years ago, the extent to which you could decorate your garden came down to the different colors of plants and flowers available during that season, but now, your garden and backyard can truly be an extension of your home.

So, if you are thinking about either entirely re-designing your garden, or else are merely looking for a couple of new and exciting additions to the overall aesthetic, then you have clicked on the right article.

Continue reading to discover the top four quirky design pieces for your garden.

1.    Repurposed Bicycles

Upon first reading, the notion of repurposed and upcycled bicycles may seem more than a little bit strange, but you would be amazed as to the options in terms of plants and even growing vegetables you can display in such a thing.

If you, or else a friend or family member, have a bicycle that they no longer use, then get to work by repainting and smoothing down the paintwork, installing wheel stops on both of the tires and affixing extra metal baskets to the framework, for a unique and personalized way to showcase your plants.

2.    Cozy Seating Areas

Gone are the days when, if you wanted to sit outside in your backyard, you would have to choose between cold metal chairs or uncomfortable wooden benches, and now, there is a seemingly endless plethora of outdoor seating options.

An easy-to-maintain, durable, and beautiful addition to your garden furniture would be to treat yourself to a colorful and comfy throw blanket, which you can bring out when guests are in the garden, or else you want to be comfortable whilst snuggling up with a good book. In addition, your new blanket can also be used inside the house on freezing-cold winter boots.

3.    Wall Art

Another exciting way to add quirky design aesthetics and a dash of your personality to your garden and backyard is to hang some inspirational quotes, or indeed engaging images, onto the walls of your house or else around your garden shed.

Choose outdoor-specific signs and pieces which are specifically designed to be outside constantly and experiment with the positioning of such signage, so that they can be seen from both inside your property and at different vantage points in your garden.

4.    Sculptures

The fourth and final suggestion on the list for quirky and eye-catching additions to your garden and backyard aesthetic is slightly more expensive, but an incredibly effective way of drawing the eye to one area of your outdoor space.

The best way to find the right sculpture to suit both your own private outdoor space, as well as your budget and your personality, is to take a trip to a large garden center in your local area. Not only will you be able to choose from a myriad of different statement designs, but you can also speak to the experts to find out how to best maintain your new, quirky, purchase.