A new, Australian born and run service to rival Catch and Kogan


Online shopping has been revolutionised in recent years, and the launch of DealSeeker is set to shake things up once again. Boasting strong partnerships with many different suppliers, DealSeeker is a new Aussie service that sells just about everything.


Fans of Catch and Kogan will find lots to love on DealSeeker. The days of searching through endless online vendors, hunting for the right deal, are at an end. Finally, the best deals on fantastic products are now all gathered in the one place.


For a limited time only, DealSeeker is offering 30% off across their whole website


The deals at DealSeeker are always going to be superb, but for their launch they’ve dropped prices to astonishing new lows. There is a 30% discount on all stock right across the entire website. It’s rare that you get to be thrifty and a trendsetter at the same time, but in this case it is true. These are the sort of prices usually reserved for when a company is going out of business! But right now, at DealSeeker, you can take advantage of these low prices as trading begins.


What’s so special about DealSeeker?


With a competitive market in online sales, what makes DealSeeker stand out from the crowd? Well, the thing that gets us excited about DealSeeker is that they do so many different things really well. They’ve set up an online store that brings together everything that’s great about online retail, all in one convenient location.


·         Incredibly low prices: The team at DealSeeker have established tight partnerships with manufacturers. As a result, they can offer lower prices than competitors in the market who have similar products for sale. And, of course, as the company launches, those prices are even lower for a limited time.

·         Lightning quick shipping: Foreign-owned and based companies can take forever to deliver your order. Things can get held up overseas or tied up in customs for weeks at a time. Not at DealSeeker! They deliver Australia-wide with stunning speed.

·         Aussie born and run: DealSeeker was built right here in Australia, so you can rest assured it’s a true-blue company and that you’re supporting Australian jobs and industry when you shop.


There’s a massive range of products for sale right now on DealSeeker


Some online retailers only offer deals on a narrow range of products. They might offer discounts on their niche or unappealing products, but still ask you to pay full price for the things you want. When they have a 30% off* sale, that asterisk is usually to denote that ‘conditions apply’, and more often than not, that condition is that you can’t have 30% percent off the product you actually want. At DealSeeker, on the other hand, they’re really doing a 30% off sale store wide. That’s 30% off their entire, massive range of products.


30% off home & garden supplies and furniture


DealSeeker is offering 30% off the RRP for a huge assortment of home and garden items, including furniture. Just how big is the DealSeeker range? Well, if you had to entirely start from scratch and buy every single thing that a home and garden needed, you could probably do it in a single order from DealSeeker.


From bathroom accessories like bathmats and rugs, through to kitchen appliances, they’ve got just about everything you need to set up a home. Whether you’re looking to buy chic-decor, new lights, supplies for your garden or even cookware sets, you can get it all at DealSeeker.


Shop for pets & kids with a 30% off discount


Whether you’ve got fur-babies or actual-babies, you’ll know just how expensive pets and children can be. And when you need a new bassinet or dog bed, there’s no time to wait. You need it delivered pronto to avoid undue stress.


At DealSeeker, they’ve got you covered for low prices and fast delivery. Plus, they offer a flexible returns policy and friendly customer service, making it simple and easy to ensure you’re getting the right product for the special little person (or animal) in your life.


Get a sensational deal on outdoor products in the lead up to Summer


The Australian summer is on its way, and after a long, bleak year many Aussies can’t wait to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy everything that this great country has to offer, like sunshine, surf, and sport.


At DealSeeker, the 30% store-wide opening sale extends to sport and fitness equipment, pool and spa products, and outdoor-style toys that kids will love. And, with fast shipping from inside Australia, you can trust that your DealSeeker purchase will arrive fast enough for you to make the most of the unbeatable Aussie Summertime weather.