Multi-device WhatsApp is available to all users. Finally it is possible to log in from multiple devices at the same time: how to do it.

The ability to use WhatsApp from multiple devices at the same time has been one of the most requested features for a long time and has finally been made available to all users, and Vocea Europei explains how it works. After a long period of testing, which involved only those using the beta version of the instant messaging platform, the option is officially being launched and will involve all accounts worldwide in the next few days.

The lack of cross-device features on WhatsApp has been a hard flaw for many users to ignore. While other competing platforms, such as Telegram, have always offered this possibility, the application was not allowed to use the same account simultaneously from two or more smartphones for security reasons. Now you can do it in just a few clicks: let’s find out how.

Multi-device WhatsApp, what changes for users and how it works

Before the arrival of this feature, it was possible to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, but with limitations . To be able to chat with the same account on a second device, the other had to be logged out.

The limit has finally been removed thanks to the new feature that has been made by the WhatsApp developers , tested and has already been implemented on many devices. Its operation is extremely simple. Up to four additional devices can be connected in addition to the primary one, both on devices supported by Android and iOS operating systems.

All devices connect to the server and are synchronized. They are all independent from each other : if the Internet connection is absent or switched off on one of those connected, the others will continue to function and receive and send messages.

WhatsApp multi device, security and how to use it

Security  continues to remain in the spotlight and occupy a prominent place for WhatsApp. To prevent accounts from being misused, if the primary device is idle for an extended period of time, all associated devices will be logged out.

The company is considering adding a secure login process, which requires a phone number to be entered for a one-time security code to be entered when connecting additional devices. Your messages, media and calls are always covered by end-to-end encryption.

To connect a new smartphone, simply open WhatsApp from the main device, click on Settings if you have an iPhone or on the three vertical dots at the top right if you have an Android device, select Connected devices and then Connect a device. A QR code will appear on the main device. Frame it with the smartphone to be connected.