Fragrance Oils v Essential Oils

We get asked a lot if we use Essential Oils because of their natural origin in our scented candles.

Before we decide which is ‘better’, let us look at the International Regulatory body that has the trusted authority on fragrance regulation and it’s use for us ‘humans’.

The IFRA or The International Fragrance Association Standards – form the basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice. This is the self-regulating system of the industry, based on risk assessments carried out by an independent Expert Panel.

In other words we will let the IFRA decide.

What they say about Essential Oils.

The following oils are on their list of BANNED oils for their properties, toxicity, sensitizing effect etc.

Cade oil crude Carcinogenic
Calamus oil Carcinogenic
Costus root Sensitizer
Elecampane oil Sensitizer
Fig leaf absolute Sensitizer
Horseradish oil Toxic and irritant
Mustard oil Toxic and irritant
Peru balsam Sensitizer (distilled oil is allowed)
Savin oil Toxic and sensitizer although Juniper phoenicea oil is allowed
Verbena oil Sensitizer
Tea absolute Sensitizer
Sassafras oil Carcinogenic
Stryax gum Sensitizer
Wormseed Toxic
Wormwood oil Neurotoxin

They have also restricted but not banned the following oils

Angelica root oil Phototoxic
Bergamot oil Phototoxic
Bitter orange oil Phototoxic
Cassia oil Sensitizer
Cinnamon bark Sensitizer
Cumin oil Phototoxic
Grapefruit oil Phototoxic
Lemon oil Phototoxic
Lime oil Phototoxic
Targets oil and absolute Phototoxic
Oak moss absolute and resinoid Sensitizer
Pinaceae oils Sensitizer
Rue oil Sensitizer
Verbena absolute Sensitizer
Tree moss absolute Sensitizer

Although fragrance oils tend to get a bad rap because they’re not “natural,” the good ones are thoroughly tested and scientifically approved to be safe for use not just in candles, but also in topical bath & body products like soaps and lotions.

EVERY SINGLE FRAGRANCE OIL that Matty’s uses has a ‘Conformity Certificate’ held by the supplier from the IFRA. Furthermore and always available is the SDS Sheet.

All of our fragrances are Vegan Friendly, as is our wax. Soy Free, Palm Free, Free from Bee harming Pesticides and our wax is GMO free, free from Genetic Modifications.

There are essential oils that we do use in our fragrances, but not many. Burning Essential Oils unless you can see the IFRA certificate and the SDS sheet means that they are highly likely to be TOXIC and DANGEROUS. Even if we ignored the safety guidelines the cost is about 500% more per gram, the scent throw is often ‘petrol like’, and the longevity of essential oils when burning is short.

Safe, certified Fragrance Oils every time.