Variety assumes a fundamental part in all types of custom enchantment, reflection, and all types of custom practice. Colors are extremely strong and profound, close to home and actual energies which impact all planes. Colors gain their power as immortal components of nature, which are viewed as absolutes. For example, they apply to all substances, everything being equal.

The ELĖ SOUL SHOP mysterious variety ascribed differs generally among disciplines and societies; this guide puts together the attributions with respect to the ranges of white light, essential, auxiliary, and tertiary light. It is critical that the professional select a variety for a specific work based on their own level of comfort and natural sense for the variety chosen.

The accompanying ascribes can be utilised for concentration, conjuring, and perception during custom and intercession. It is critical to recall that the relationships underneath apply to conventional ritual magic, which is in itself an otherworldly discipline. One is forewarned to abstain from applying marks or accepting significance to varieties in commonplace or standard reality, as the impression of variety is very different on the profound plane.

Profoundly, tones are vibrations of light, substances and energies with explicit and particular activities. Except for dark, this conventional truth is a variety, but profoundly is a lack of light or a lack of variety, a shadow.

Apparent variety exists in a small region of the whole light range, but otherworldly variety credits exist both noticeably (monochromatic) and frightfully (not seen by the eye).

Color Classifications

White: light, all tones joined.

Darkness is not a spiritual variety, but rather a lack of light.

Primaries: red, blue, yellow

Optional colours: orange, purple, green

Secondary colours include yellow/orange, red/orange, red/purple, blue/purple, blue/green, and yellow/green.


The shade of otherworldly brilliance that sparkles forward from the focal point of self and from the substance of all is profoundly white.White is clear and straightforward, including the qualities of all tones and none. White is unadulterated and, like unadulterated water, has no flavor, yet plagues all things. White is the soul of the unmanifest, that which is all over the place and no place, advancing, yet it is concealed. The impression of white evokes feelings of creation, of everything, and of white returning everything to this state.

Much of the time, white is much of the time seen in customary custom wizardry to address the power of godlikeness, obscure or help from above, and summons the energy of virtue and creation to the expectation of the custom.


Profoundly dark is certainly not a genuine variety, but is the outcome when light is removed. Darkness is the direct opposite of soul and can be best perceived as a shadow, deception, or outright dimness. The energy of the dark exists simply because of the light, as do all things. Darkness is empty, void, deception without misrepresentation. There is no such thing as dark and, subsequently, it can’t be obliterated, but just ousted by the light. Darkness is dependably prepared to return the moment the light is removed. Because of mankind’s fall out of favor, the illusionary characteristics of the dark show up genuine and are accepted to exist, and in this way it can appear as brutality, disdain, apathy, viciousness, and the one quality that ties them together is void (Tyson, 1988).

It is a direct result of the illusionary qualities of the dark that it can’t exist in that frame of mind of the light and hence divine specialists related to the light, for example, angels, divinities or nature spirits related to fire, sun, or easing up energies exile murkiness in a split second and promptly, for it is widespread regulation that it should fail to be as the fire of a candle enlightens an obscured room.

Dark fills in as an optimal illustration of one of the distinctions between apparent variety and ghostly or profound variety. The noticeable variety of dark fills in as an image, summoning the vibration or impact of what it addresses as per the custom or reflection. The discernible range of dark is investigated in a number of hypotheses corresponding to other discernible shades of light.There is no such thing as dark on the unearthly light plane, yet as a genuine oddity, it does as vacancy, nothingness, shadow, deception, and nonattendance of light.

Color associations that are essential:


Red is the Father, the shade of will, and is associated with manly energy.”Red” is activity and action of order. Red is transmitting outward power. “Red” is searing and hazardous, essentially.


The variety is related to ladylike energy. Blue is the Mother, the shade of reflection and internal inclination, mystery, support, creation, and arrangement. Blue is the shade of lakes, the sea, and the sky. Blue is distant and accepting.


For the hermaphroditic, yellow is the child, the shade of insight and learning through contemplation. Yellow can compromise, can act right away or stand by as indicated by the conditions. “Yellow” is the shade of imaginative articulation. The idea of yellow is best addressed by the pathway of brilliant light reflected from the rising sun on the outer layer of a serene ocean.

Associations of Auxiliary Colors


Something contrary to blue is the blend of the energies of yellow and red. Orange is a strong shade of material achievement and common victory. Orange is a triumph, a hero. Orange is strong yet not hasty. Ordinarily, orange is invaded by good sentiments and happiness.


Something contrary to yellow is the mix of the energies of blue and red. The most un-numbered one of all varieties in mysterious practice, purple is disorder, illness, rot, and debasement. Purple is pointlessness and barren fury.


Something contrary to red is the mix of the energies of yellow and blue. Green is cherishing, sharing, and tolerating. It is the shade of normal sorcery and has a solid relationship with Pan, the strong soul of nature and fruitfulness. Nature spells are used in druidism, shamanism, and Wicca.Green is cheerful surrender, euphoria, ravishment, and the wealth of spring.

Tertiary’s Color Associations

Tertiary tones are the blends of the optional energies; they are also removed from the light and less powerful in supernatural working.

Calculation, tact, and mental accomplishment.

Playfulness, wickedness, uncontrolled energy, yet without malevolence.

‘Red-Purple’: strength coordinated by brutality and idiocy, squander, rot

Blue-Purple: Inaction, chilliness, physical, mental and otherworldly toxin.

Blue-Green: concealment, profundity, cleanliness, life, camouflage, mind, warmth, and sustenance

Yellow-Green: new life, newness, a strong mix of life force energies, potential for lethality whenever going against brutally looking for unavoidable retribution.

Colors have varying, obscure associations based on culture and otherworldly discipline; however, they are fundamentally equivalent to variety, which is an indication of light. Reflection on unambiguous varieties is prescribed before a custom to conform to these energies.