Marketing and advertising is hard. And if you want to get the most from your marketing efforts, you’ll want to go harder and harder on your marketing grind. You can’t go slow with your marketing efforts. Put them on overdrive and come an excellent marketer in no time at all.

I’ve you’re someone who usually runs 1 ad per month, increase that to 5 ads per month. If you don’t have a website, get one, and make it known in your store. Use email marketing to stay in front of your customers for free. Offer something special on each Wednesday of the week, and etc. These are all great ways to get more people into your place of business.

Marketing your business is extremely important if you want to see sales around the clock. You can’t just do something 1 day, then the next day do something else, and third day something different. You have to go harder than that. Create a marketing plan that consists of things that you can do each day of the week.

To do this, first take a look at what you’re doing now. Do you really feel you’re going as hard as you possibly can when it comes marketing your products and services? My guess is that you probably aren’t, which is why you’re struggling in your business right now.

The bottom line is that you need a ritual….something that you can do day in and day out to make a ton of money in your business. If you want to see more sales, simply carry out these ideas, and watch how your sales and profits increase. In the mean time, you should be focused on your customers and clients.

Make sure you’re contacting your past customers so that you can earn more money from them. Sales from your backend customers will account for 80% of your total sales, so this is something that you don’t want to neglect anytime soon. Make sure you contact them at least once per month, and continue to follow up on them until they buy. Or if after 12 months are up and they still haven’t bought anything from you, don’t contact them any more.

Following up on your prospects and customers is an easy way to make more money in your business. If you can follow this simple procedure, you will find that you can make money around the clock without fail. This is just my opinion though.

One thing that you can do each day of the month is to come up with a list of prime prospects who would be good for backend sales. Then take this list and create an offer and sales letter to match it. You can find a good mailing list from something called the SRDS. They can be found in your local library, or online at

No matter what option you choose to promote your business, make sure you stick with it. If you’ve been seeing results from one marketing strategy but others don’t seem to work as well, then ride this one marketing strategy until you can’t anymore. This is just my take on things.