The Network Marketing Industry Draws In Many Individuals

There are a very large number of Network Marketing Companies that start up each and every year, and there is an even more incredible amount of people that join every year! If you are like many individuals out there, you may be wondering ‘Why Network Marketing’? There are a whole list of reasons that this industry attracts the interest of so many people. The focus of this article will be on 5 main reasons. Some reasons may be more enticing to certain people than others. It completely depends on the person and what they desire most.

Why Is Network Marking Such An Amazing Industry?

As said by many, Network Marketing is an awesome opportunity to get started in. There have been so many success stories of people with about one-hundred dollars in their bank account, they joined and now they are making huge amounts of income – 5 and even 6-figures a month. This is rare, but it can happen. It takes motivation and determination, not money.

Again, there are many reasons, but this article will focus on the 5 most widely accepted reasons that people join Network Marketing:

  1. Low Start Up Costs. Like all business, there are expenses.If you wanted to start a grocery store – you would need to buy land in a highly trafficked area ($1M). Build the building ($3M). Stocking the shelves ($1M). Cost of employees per month (a lot). (These numbers are only guesses, but I am sure I am in the ballpark). To begin a business in the Network Marketing industry, you must go on ‘autoship’ with a primary company. Monthly costs depends greatly on the company and product – but on average, you are looking at around $150/month to keep in business. So figure about $1,800 annually. That is very low for a business that you can make heaps of money in! This is why Network Marketing.
  2. Work From Home. More and more individuals are understanding that you can work from your home and make money – a lot of it. People research it and come to the realization that you can do exactly that in this industry. You can work from the comfort of your own house with a computer and and Internet connection. This is everyone’s dream! Never having to drive to work. Never having to attend mandatory meetings and saving money on gasoline expenses as a result. This is why Network Marketing.
  3. Excellent Pay Plans.Although they get a bad reputation, the pyramided pay plan is an awesome way for a beginner to get started. Through this type of business, you make income by selling a service or product, or sponsoring a new rep in to this industry. Not only do you profit off of your own work, but if anybody above you sponsors a new rep and places them underneath you, then you will be paid a small amount from that each and every month. Not as much as if you were to have sponsored them yourself, but every little bit help. Now if that new individual sponsors people for themselves, you will still be compensated off of everything that they do – without even doing anything. This type of pay plan is very unique. This is why Network Marketing.
  4. Residual Income For Life. Yes, for life! You will no longer be trading time for money, here. You are being paid for everything that you do and everything that you have done. So if you sponsor people and they do the same thing and so on – you will be paid on them and everything that they go to do as well…forever (unless the company goes under)! This is because if you sponsor a rep and they go out and sponsor a ton of reps who go to sponsor even more – the company is paying you, because if you had not sponsored that first person, the rest of these connections would not have been made (hopefully that wasn’t too confusing). This is another reason why Network Marketing.
  5. Speed Of Success. There have been many success stories of people beginning in this industry and in only a year they have made over $1M – and it only grows bigger from there. There have been stories that people have made around one-hundred thousand a month in their first month. Yes, this is possible. But very unlikely. The key to make a lot in the very beginning is to have a list of people who already what you have. A list of people who want to start their own business, who are looking to profit, and who have lists of their own. So, it becomes a domino effect – very quickly! Most individuals do not have lists quite this large so success doesn’t happen quite that fast. Some can build lists from scratch in a relatively short period of time – that is the key for quick success. This is completely tangible with the right help from a coach! Yet another reason why Network Marketing.

The Network Marketing Opportunity Is Extremely Big

Yep – huge! You could be involved in a business that revolves around sponsoring new reps. And there are about 673,000 people searching for the phrase ‘make money online’ per month according to Google at the release of this article. Do you understand the opportunity, here? There are massive amounts of people out there who are trying to learn a way to make money from the leisure of their own home – they are scouring the Internet for someone to show them. Are you that someone? Yes! That, my friends, is why Network Marketing is growing and will continue to grow. The opportunity is right now – and will continue to for quite a while!