It’s a fantastic time to go shopping. Everybody saves money so they can purchase holiday gifts for themselves, their loved ones, and friends. Retailers are aware of this as well and work hard to get customers into their shops on an annual basis. How are they able to achieve that? by continually providing discounts, coupons, price reductions, and special deals for various items in an effort to get us to purchase from them rather than our neighbours.

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, towards the end of November, the winter shopping season officially begins. Black Friday falls on November 27th of this year. On November 30, Cyber Monday will occur immediately after Black Friday.

Since the 1970s, Black Friday has been a day of tremendous savings. On Black Friday, you will often find lower prices on a wide range of goods than you can at any other time of the year. Many big stores have been offering crazy deals and discounts lately, but this has led to long lines and chaos inside the stores as people rush to get what they need, kicking and hurting each other in the process.

Some choose to camp outside the shop the day before in order to snag some of the greatest discounts, while others wake up at one or two in the morning to get in line. But that’s not how I truly want to spend Thanksgiving night. The opening and closing times of shops and stores are between 5 and 6 in the morning and 22 to 24 in the evening. Most of their stock is emptied during this period, making Black Friday the most lucrative day of the year.

Shops employ a variety of techniques to entice customers. First, they advertised their ads and discounted items. Next, they used early birds (products at really low prices that are only available in a small number or in the early morning hours) to get customers into their stores.

But in recent years, the frenzy surrounding this day has become out of control. Others’ desires caused some to suffer, and some even died. What some people will do to save a little additional money is unbelievable. With the ongoing economic situation, I anticipate that things will only get worse this year as more people attempt to claim refunds.

For this reason, I, for one, like to shop online for goods. Although I may not now find the deals to be as fantastic as those offered in brick and mortar businesses, at least I can shop comfortably from home while still saving money. There are some useful websites like this one that compile all of the finest online Black Friday discounts in one location, as well as others that provide coupons, limited-time specials, etc. Additionally, a segment of Black Friday deals is now being offered by all the major online retailers. And I, for one, believe that in the next few years, the trend of excellent discounts moving online will only increase. Furthermore, I don’t at all grumble about it!