More and more people started to go online to find new business opportunity to create a second source of income. They are continuously on the lookout for work from home business, MLM or network marketing opportunities. Network marketing are slowly adopting the new school method to recruit member leveraging the power of internet, especially in social community. Internet Marketing is a important part of any online business.

As a new comer In internet marketing, what should you do? First of all, fundamentally you need to have the right mindset and attitude towards internet marketing. The fact is, in any online business there is no Get Rich Quick scheme. You will not get rich overnight!

If you are serious to be an online marketer and home business entrepreneur selling any products or services online. You need to follow these basic principles to really succeed.

Pay attention to these 7 key steps on what you need to do as a complete Newbie in Internet Marketing.

Step#1 – Learn and Master the Skill of Internet Marketing

You must be committed to Learn and invest in yourself. There are a lot of internet marketing ebooks and video online which you could purchase. You could also register for a seminar to get train and learn from the internet guru, but that will come with a very high cost. No matter what type of work from home business you are in, you need to master and learn the basic skill of internet marketing.

Step#2 – Understand Your Passion and Interest

Know Your Passion and Interest. If you do something which you have interest in, you will do it well. If you are a golfer, you may want to start an online business promoting golf club or golfing lesson. If you have passion in personal development, do something on personal coaching online. If you are good at playing guitar, promote your learn guitar eBook online… there is basically endless market that you can enter into. Many newbies tends to promote only Internet Marketing or work from home business Niche, and these no longer is a niche anymore as its getting very competitive now. So go ahead to list down Your Top 5 passion or things which you have interest in.

Step#3 – Do Your Market Research

Once you have identify your passion and niche market, go online to find products related to your niche. Take golf as a niche market example again, go online to search for Golf related products. Do your research on websites like eBay or amazon or ClickBank to find products in that market. Know what people are selling online, know your competitors and identify what is really HOT in your niche. For Golf niche, you could be promoting eBooks on “How to Make that Perfect Golf Swing?” or Promoting “Junior Golf Club” or Promoting a series of Golf lessons. Select product in your niche that offer affiliate program so that you could join and promote that product for a commission. Clickbank and Commission junction is a good place which you could signup free to pick your affiliate product base on your niche market. You could develop your own products as well or purchase a private label rights to an online product which you could rebrand it and sell it online for 100% of the profit.

Step#4 – Create Your Blog

A Blog is the most important marketing tools you need to have. Go ahead to setup a WordPress blog under Your Own domain Name More details on how to setup your blog can be available online. Purchase a domain name and a web hosting service.

Step#5 – Blog About Your Niche Market

Write contents around your niche market. This could be your experience on Golfing for example. Write about a product review on a product which you use or eBook which you have read. Create value on your blog that will generate interest to your reader. You could maximise your profit by adding AdSense or affiliate products or your own products into your blog. Another must have is the lead capture form. The lead capture form will enable you to capture your prospect details whom you could follow up later. You could subscribe to a lead capture and email marketing service from Aweber or Getresponse. These 2 are so far the popular ones.

Step#6 – Promote Your Blog

This is the most interesting part where you will learn to market your blog on social media site like facebook. Create a free account in Facebook or twitter and promote your blog to your social media friends. There are other traffic methods such as article marketing and video marketing which are all free method. Go for Free method for the start. Invest in PPC when you are ready and if you have the budget to do so.

Step#7 – Contact Your Leads Constantly

As you get more visitors into your Lead Capture form, you need to send email to your leads and build relationship by providing value. Email your leads with new contents or information which you learnt. Provide free gifts or ebooks and most importantly products which you are promoting. As a guide, send out email to your list 2 – 3 times a week.

Over time, you should be able to generate some nice income from your niche market. Once you have a steady stream of income, you may consider to target new market which you are interested in.

These steps may sound easily, but again, you need to master it. Commitment to learn is key to succeed in internet marketing.

Allen Tan is an Online Marketer and personal development success coach. He has been providing online marketing consultation to like-minded people who wants to create success as online entrepreneur. His vision is to share, empower and inspire individual to create wealth, entrepreneurial and online network marketing success. Visit and register into his eEntrepreneurs Club at to access free Online marketing tips and resources.