Are you a newbie in the affiliate and Internet marketing playing field and are you sick and tired of the so called Internet marketing gurus affiliate marketing gurus trying to sell you a product that can make you rich with a click of a button?

If you are then you should keep reading because I’m going to tell you what you need to know before you buy something that you will regret.

First thing that you must know that there is no get rich fast with a click of a button with hardly any work at all software.

The only person that gets rich is the person that sells this software. If you listen to their sales video or read their sales letter you would (nearly) believe what they are selling. They take advantage of your lack of experience because they know you are looking for a way to get started in the affiliate or Internet market and you want to believe these Internet marketing gurus.

I’ve bought my fair share of these so called get rich fast software and the only thing that it has bought me was a lot of frustration and an empty wallet.

The software looks good and, most of the time, does what is designed to do but the most important thing they forget to tell you is that you will have to get traffic to you website otherwise you will not earn a single dime.

Normally their software costs about $47 and if you close the page a pop up comes up and offers you a $10 discount sometimes they do this again with additional &10 discount. The main purpose of this is to get you to buy their software. The big earnings for them come from the up sales.

When you buy their software and install it on your computer, the first thing you will see is that you can buy an upgrade of the software or additional software to attract traffic for $97 or even more. In most of the cases it is, in my opinion, a waste of money.

I’m not going to tell you which software I bought ( which is quit a few) but this I will tell you, if you see a too good to be true get rich fast with no work all software, you should be skeptical and do some research before you decide to buy it.

You don’t hear me saying that all the software is bad because there are affiliate marketing gurus and Internet marketing gurus who work very hard to make a buck and do not sell software that they do not believe in. There are people on the Internet who earn a lot of money selling their own products or selling someone else’s product.

There is a lot of software that you can buy that will help you in your business but it all comes down to a lot of hard work and long hours. The most difficult thing that I find is getting people (traffic) to your website because without traffic there is no money to be earned.

It all comes down to using your common sense and not believing everything they say.

If you decide to make a purchase then I would advise you the following:

1. Do not buy right away but wait a while
2. Go to Google and do a search for a review of the product
3. Search in Google for the reputation of the seller
4. If all come back positive you may consider buying
5. Make sure that there is a money back guarantee
6. Try the software a couple of weeks and if not satisfied request a refund

If you decide to buy the software, stick to the original version and do not buy any upgrade or additional software. They will say that it is a one time offer and that it will not be offered again, more or else obligating you to buy now.

The truth is that you will see this offer again and again through out the program reminding you that there is an upgrade or additional software to buy. So be patient, don’t let them force you to buy. Try the software first and then decide if you need the upgrade or additional software.

The bottom line is that you be skeptical when buying the too good to be true software from affiliate marketing gurus and Internet marketing gurus.

Trust your instincts, if it looks too good then it probably isn’t.

Frank Claassen is a newbie in Affiliate and Internet marketing business and wrote this article because he got sick and tired of being scammed by gurus selling software that did not do what it was supposed to do. During my newbie time I had to make a website although I had know prior knowledge in how to make one. In the link below you can see how it looks like. I would be very pleased if you visited my website at and leave a comment.