Network marketing companies typically employ a marketing structure which rewards independent representatives for finding new customers for their products and inviting those new customers to become representatives themselves. Also known as direct selling or referral marketing, a network marketing company forgoes the expense of a storefront and traditional marketing techniques. Instead, they invest money and effort into the development of specialized, high-quality products and rely on the entrepreneurial skills of enthusiastic customers to “spread the word” and enlist others to join them as users and promoters of the product. Thus these energetic customers become marketers themselves and build their own business networks of product enthusiasts.

Network marketers are also referred to as distributors, members, associates, independent business owners, consultants, and independent agents, depending on the company. They are not salaried employees, nor are they paid by the hour; they earn commissions on the sales that they help to generate. Many network marketing compensation plans will reward their members with bonuses for adding new members to their growing organization and for selling a high volume of product. Effective network marketers are self-motivated, hard workers who are genuinely excited about the product they promote and can effectively communicate its benefits to others.

Network marketers, or members, are business owners. They invest in business tools and products provided by the company. They work to find new members and invest time training them, just as an employer would do. But network marketers have the luxury of setting their own hours, working from home, and acting as their own boss.

The old days of door-to-door sales men and cold calls are gone. These outdated marketing techniques have been replaced by much more effective methods based on forming relationships first. Marketing techniques like referrals and even word of mouth are much more effective because they are based on trust. When someone you know experiences good health and tells you that part of their daily regime includes a particular product, you are much more likely to try to the product because you trust the source. When a neighbour with children tells you why she uses a particular brand of personal care products, you trust that neighbour’s choice of product because you know she takes excellent care of her children.

A whole new world of possible techniques has opened up for network marketers with the advent of online social networking. Marketers can reach out to more contacts, simultaneously, with a multi-media message that captures people’s attention and imagination. Online social networking is the way that modern network marketers are maximizing profits and achieving success.

There are unethical MLM companies who are not concerned about the personal success of their individual representatives, and they make no attempt to provide training or supply proper business tools. These companies also hide low payouts and hard-to-earn bonuses inside a compensation plan that is so difficult to understand that network marketers don’t actually understand how they’ll be compensation for their efforts. Such companies have forgotten the fundamental premise on which network marketing is built: building relationships of trust. When the company treats its network marketers well, everyone wins: the company, the marketer, and the customer.

Network marketing uses a unique business model that blends the sales person and the customer into one. The great thing about this democratic industry is that network marketers can be as involved as they want to be. If you are thinking of becoming a network marketer, look for a company that produces an effective, in-demand, quality product; rewards its members for their marketing efforts with a compensation plan they can understand; and whose products generate customer loyalty. The good network marketer doesn’t just sell product; he or she is an avid user and fan of it as well. As a network marketer, you need to feel good about the company you represent and the work you are doing.

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