Influence coaching is not mentoring, where the goal is to teach people how to attract more followers or generate higher income on social media channels. Influence coaching sessions promote the personal growth of the influencer or creative professional, unlocking their personal potential and strengthening their personal brand.

Influence coaching sessions are used to work with internal resources in order to reveal and communicate your authenticity to the audience, and get rid of negative reactions such as fear and rejection.

Coaching sessions helps you: manage communication crises; boost your creative productivity; broadcast the right message out to the world.

Why do influencers and creative professionals need coaching?

Influencers and creative professionals who work and create in the digital space face a lot of challenges in their activities, and are committed and feel a sense of responsibility to their followers and fans. Commanding large audiences on social media comes with more than just recognition, fame and public attention. Working in the public domain also comes with tension, stress, and responsibility to the audience for the content and products created, or the achievements in art, sports and other forms of self-expression.

Influencers and creative professionals especially need professional support and help taking care of their well-being and creative productivity, setting guidelines for the direction of their professional and creative activities, and achieving balance between the time spent on social media and their personal lives.

Influence coaching and the realization of personal change

Influence coaching not only helps you get to know yourself and reveal your inner resources – it also helps you improve your quality of life by resolving personal growth and behavioral change issues:nrevealing authenticity in professional activities and creative work; achieving personal growth; strengthening your personal brand; fostering personal power.