Google Ads is one of the most powerful and versatile advertising platforms in the world. It’s not just an advertising service; it’s part of Google Search. This means that when someone searches for something, they can see your ad right there on their screen. They don’t even have to click anything extra for you to show up! The goal of this blog post is to make sure you have a good understanding of how Google Ads works before diving into keyword research, competitor analysis and other aspects of PPC marketing so that you don’t waste any time or money on implementing strategies that aren’t actually helping your business grow. 


The first step to setting up Google Ads is choosing your keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that people enter into search engines like Google or Bing when looking for information about a topic.

Sajad from Republic Marketing Says: “Competitor analysis is an essential part of any PPC campaign. Whether you’re starting one from scratch or taking over an existing account, competitor analysis is a must. Knowing who your competitors are and what keywords they are targeting will help you to define your goals and set up the foundation for your strategy. You’ll also need to know what ad copy they use as well as the landing pages on which their ads point so that you can set up testing for similar ads on those same keywords and landing pages” 

Set up a Google Ads account

  • Go to
  • Click the “Sign in” button and sign in using your Google Account (the one you use for Gmail).
  • If you don’t have an account, click “Create an account”. This will take you through the process of creating a new Google Ads account: type in your work email address, agree to terms and conditions, enter a password of at least 8 characters with one uppercase letter and one number, then click “Next step.”
  • When prompted by Google Ads, make sure to add your phone number as a security backup method as we’ll be sending texts there (if you don’t already have it set up) and enter the verification code that will be sent via SMS. You can also add other methods such as emails or even hardware tokens if necessary but these are not mandatory for setting up an account so feel free leave them blank for now!


Create your search ad on Google

  • Create your search ad on Google.
  • Set up your budget.
  • Set up your bids.
  • Create an ad group and add multiple ads within it, if desired.
We know it might be complicated to do all this by your self. You could get help from a PPC