Network marketing systems are a recent addition to the greater MLM landscape. The largest and most well known of the available online multi level marketing systems has only been in existence since the fall of 2008. Prior to the development of these systems, a network marketer was on their own when it came to figuring out a streamlined process of moving people from prospect to customer and customer and ultimately to downline distributor. Today there are several systems available to the MLM community that meet the needs of today’s growing network marketing industry.

A system is meant to streamline some operational aspect of a business. In the case of multi level marketing, systems are utilized for efficiency in some key areas of operation. These areas include:

– Branding
– Lead capture
– Relationship building
– Presentation of the primary network marketing opportunity
– Training of MLM downline team members

Branding is the process of distinguishing a person, company, service or product in the market place. MLM systems typically provide a customizable marketing platform for the user. This means that the user can insert their own marketing copy, photographs and video into a pre-designed web template. This allows the network marketer to brand themselves first and their company or product secondarily.

Built in to this customizable marketing platform is a lead capture system. This is most often an opt-in form requesting training, a book or some other resource of value to the prospect. Most often, these resources are provided as a part of the network marketing system itself. The prospect provides their name and email address in exchange for the information or resource being requested.

Most MLM systems come with a built in autoresponder, or they are compatible with an outside email autoresponder service. The autoresponder is the relationship building tool of the system. Most systems come with a series of pre-written marketing letters that are sent out via the autoresponder at pre-determined intervals. This ongoing contact builds trust and rapport with the leads who are in the system. Additionally this process is used to present your leads with other business building opportunities outside of your primary network marketing business. This allows for the network marketer to receive additional income streams on top of the sales and distributor sign ups made through their primary multi level marketing business.

Most systems provide a natural presentation of your primary MLM business opportunity. This presentation may be a part of the email series or it may be presented via a resource page of some type. The concept behind most network marketing systems is called attraction marketing. Attraction marketing promotes the network marketer as a valued resource in the industry and presents their primary business as a way for someone to get greater exposure to their leadership and training.

Finally most network marketing systems are designed to be used as a training platform for an MLM downline. New distributors are encouraged to implement the system in their own business. The system will generally offer complete training on how to generate traffic to the system website, which is the primary doorway through which prospects are led into the distributor’s network marketing business.

As the old saying goes: “Work smarter, not harder.” Using network marketing systems can dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your MLM business.