Lessons from Ukraine:

The situation in Ukraine demonstrates that even if power shifts to forces willing to compromise with larger neighbors, it does not eliminate the risk of military invasion. In Ukraine’s case, despite various political turns and compromises, the country faced military conflict and territorial disputes.

China and Taiwan:

China’s policy towards Taiwan is based on the “One China” principle, and any changes in Taiwan’s status are perceived by Beijing as a threat to its sovereignty. Consequently, political changes in Taiwan are closely monitored by China.

Influence of International Politics

The Role of the U.S. and the Anti-China Coalition:

The willingness of the U.S. and its allies to support Taiwan in the event of a military conflict is a key deterrent factor for China. The official U.S. statements about readiness to help Taiwan, but not engage in direct military conflict with China, create a complex diplomatic balance.

Outcome of the War in Ukraine:

The developments in Ukraine and the global community’s reaction to Russia’s actions may influence China’s strategic decisions. Russia’s success or failure could be perceived by China as an indicator of potential reactions to its actions regarding Taiwan.

Potential Scenarios

China’s Invasion:

There are many factors that could influence China’s decision to invade Taiwan or not, including China’s internal political situation, international environment, military capabilities, and economic considerations.

Timing Perspective:

The exact timing of a potential invasion, if it occurs at all, depends on many variables. This may include the development of military infrastructure, international alliances, internal support in China, and changes in global politics.

Strategic Balance:

China may weigh the potential benefits and risks of invasion, considering the reaction of the international community and possible economic sanctions or military responses.


Lessons from Ukraine:

The situation in Ukraine emphasizes that even flexible foreign policy approaches do not guarantee protection from military intervention. This lesson may be relevant for Taiwan in the context of its relations with China.

International Dynamics:

The relationship between the U.S., its allies, and China plays an important role in determining the future of Taiwan. The U.S.’s readiness to support Taiwan, while avoiding direct military conflict with China, creates a complex strategic situation.

Influence of External Events:

The outcome of the war in Ukraine and the international reaction to it could serve as important indicators for China in making decisions regarding Taiwan.

In conclusion, the situation around Taiwan remains one of the most complex and potentially dangerous geopolitical issues of our time. It requires careful analysis and understanding of numerous factors, including international relations, military strategy, and the internal policies of both China and Taiwan.

Article Author: Oleg Ponomar

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