As you may have already learned by experience, recruiting Online Marketers into your Network Marketing business is not as glamorous as it sounds. Although you would imagine that having people coming in that have experience in list building, and it could, there are a handful of challenges in bringing them in.

Today we will cover the top few and how to over come these booby traps. So if you are ready, let’s take out a piece of paper or a highlighter and let’s begin.

Challenge Number 1) Online Marketers for the most part have no idea of what Network Marketing REALLY is…

Most Online Marketers have this misconception that Network Marketing is about recruiting and building a large group of people coming into your organization through personal recruiting.

Well that’s all wrong. Network Marketing is not at all about recruiting a bunch of people. Now of course if you are a great recruiter, you will make money in this industry but the biggest checks in our industry, are earned by culture builders.

Culture building is the skill that pays the most in Network Marketing, bar none. Generating leads is but a small part of this industry. The question is, what do you do when they actually say YES?

If you are focusing on recruiting Online Marketers into your organization, you must make that point as clear as possible.

The system that generates the leads cannot be your culture builder. Making the phone calls and not just once in a while but as frequent as possible. I would prefer if you have daily phone communication for the first 30 days of a new distributor’s life or at least until they receive their first check.

Challenge Number 2) Online Marketers Are For The Most Part Always Looking For The Next Deal…

To Online Marketers, position is key so therefore when an opportunity comes along where they feel they can get a higher position within the comp. plan, they are looking and most likely they are going to take that position.

That’s not to say that they are jumpers but it’s just what they have been trained to do. Many Online Marketers see Network Marketers and they think that it’s the same as affiliate marketing. Well that’s not the case at all.

Network Marketing is so different from affiliate marketing as day and night. In affiliate marketing you can join 100 of them and make money and no one would ever question you. In Network Marketing, if you jump too many times, your credibility goes down the toilet. People see that not as being opportunistic but almost as being a junkie and it shows that you aren’t sure of what you want.

To help you with this challenge, you and your Online Marketer have to be on the same page of what this industry really is. Loyalty is everything. I don’t mean loyalty to the company, I mean loyalty to the people that have entrusted you with their dreams. Online Marketers need to stop thinking that the only people that they owe loyalty to is their family and know that the people who say yes to you deserve your loyalty as well.

Challenge Number 3) Online Marketers Have A Two Week Expiration Date…

While an offline marketer may have a 30 day expiration date, online marketers by the raw nature of where they hang out have half the time. Remember they are online most of the time being bombarded with information about different income opportunities.

Work fast if they are willing to work. You only have 2 weeks.

Challenge Number 4) The Inner Recruiting Game.

The worse thing that can happen to you is that your new recruit joins, quits and now he/she is trying to recruit the people that you introduced them too. This isn’t a big problem because most Online Marketers have integrity. You will run into this from time to time.

The best defense is a FAST offense.. Nail it as fast as you can and don’t bother being nice about it. This is how you feed your family and you should protect your organization with all your might.

These are only 4 of the many challenges of building your team online with Online Marketers. I hope this information opens your eyes to what can happen and how you can overcome them.. The main answer here is COMMUNICATION..

Make sure that you set the rules and only bring those in who are willing to play and follow your rules.