The Fake Divorce papers marriage industry is very big, and billions of dollars are being spent in this field. Because more than half of divorce cases in the United States end in divorce, the majority of couples are looking for divorce attorneys.However, a survey suggests that adversarial court cases cost a lot, and the attorneys take a lot of money. On average, a single marriage costs around $28,000.00.However, some of the survey also suggests that the divorce also costs between $15,000 and $25,000, which is just like buying a brand new luxury car.

However, the attorney is taking the majority of the money, and thus the real expense is the attorney fees. Many more things need to be taken into consideration, like the total number of days for the trial and so on. It is estimated that a two-day trial might compel the couples to spend around $25,000 in court. Thus, it is not very cheap. However, most of the couples are in search of a cheap divorce.

All the conversation in the first paragraph clearly suggests that the attorney is taking most of the money. The petitioner can easily avoid that. All the paper work can be done on its own. Almost all the papers are available online. Sometimes they are available free of charge, but if the person wants to get rid of the fake papers, then it is better to spend a few hundred dollars. Since he or she is doing all the paper work on their own, they will not have to pay the attorney’s fees. The court fees are very nominal. If this step is followed, then the whole cost will not be more than $100.00 to $500.00.

Yet another method for a cheap divorce is the mediator. In this case, the couple will have to finalise a mediator who is an expert in family law. The mediator can be the lawyer as well. However, they work on an hourly basis, so the billable amount can be low. Since all the paper work is being done by the couple through mutual understanding, the mediator will have to work for quite fewer hours as compared to the adversarial cases, where long hours are being billed. If a mediator is being called, then the whole case can be solved at the expense of around $5,000.00.

If the couples want a cheap divorce, then they will have to avoid some common mistakes. They will have to make sure that they do not stop communicating with each other. They should avoid long disputes and make sure that they think about the future and not the present. They should not fall into the trap of counting the numbers and make sure that all the joint finances are handled intelligently.

The majority of the cases in the United States are brutal, and hence an attempt should be made to stop violence. This is going to make the case quite complex, and hence there should be an attempt to make the case uncontested. This will ensure that the couple will have to spend very little money on a divorce.