Successful teenage entrepreneurs are among the most inspirational people in the world. Given their creativity and the ability to see things in new perspectives, it is no wonder that many teenagers-individuals aging from 13 to 19 years old-have become some of the world’s most successful and richest people.

Experts say that in the world of business, age doesn’t always have to matter, since some of the freshest ideas may come from teenagers who are still in school. If you are one of those teenagers who are trying to find your niche in the world of business, then what you might need is some inspiration to push you to take that leap which could change the course of your life forever.

For teenagers who are thinking of starting a business, but who might be afraid to fail, take time to read some of the inspiring stories behind the world’s most successful teenage entrepreneurs.

The first teenage entrepreneur who would probably inspire you is Cameron Johnson. At the age of nine, Cameron kicked off his business career with greeting cards, stationery, and invitations that he personally made. Given his creativity, Cameron’s cards became so popular not only to his family and friends, but also in the entire neighborhood. As his products increased in popularity, he decided to name his company “Cheers and Tears.”

When he reached the age of 12, Cameron ventured into another business by taking advantage of the Internet. He used his Internet marketing skills through eBay, which earned him $50,000 a year. He also took time to research the stock market, where his investments made his company grow to sales in excess of $15,000 per day; he accomplished this by the age of 15. Now 27, Cameron has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the globe; Newsweek, Business Week, USA Today, The New York Times and Time Magazine, to name a few. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, MSNBC, ABC, and dozens of Japanese television programs as well.

Next on the list would be a girl named Ashley Qualls. At the age of 14, Ashley showed the world that there could be more to girls her age than just partying and dating. She began her very own website called “”. The inspiration for her business stemmed from the idea of providing free MySpace layouts and tutorials, using advanced and creative HTML for her fellow teenagers.

Her starting income was $2,790, but then Ashley’s business grossed more than $1 million in less than four years. At age 20, Ashley continues to bask in the success she has achieved as an entrepreneur. She continues to endeavor in incorporating innovations in her business through many new ventures.

Then there’s the brother/sister act, Catherine and David Cook. They were ages 15 and 17, respectively, when they started their business called “My Year Book.” These two teenagers proved that new opportunities can be derived from existing elements. Their business started by recreating an old year book, then made it more applicable to modern times by creating an online version. By making it interactive, their Internet business grew in popularity, with 950,000 members joining during its initial launch in 2005. To date, the business continues to be extremely successful, with a total net worth of $10 million.

There are many recognized teenager entrepreneurs across the globe, and in a vast variety of fields. If you want to be one of them, now is the time to discover your interests, and use your ingenuity to create and re-create something of lasting value. Who knows, your story might be the inspiration for future generations of young people.