Some strictly defined opt-in email marketing as a marketing strategy wherein messages of marketing campaigns are sent through emails and targets only specific persons who requested the said information in the first place. Opt-in email is often times sent though bulk emailing and comes in the form of mailing list, newsletter or advertising campaigns.

This is very different from spam emails. In opt-in email marketing, permission is sought before marketing materials are sent to a specific email. All emails are solicited unlike in spam emails wherein emails are unsolicited bulk emails. Also, unlike spam emails, opt-in emails are only about the specific information requested.

One does not start sending out emails or materials concerning medicines if the email subscriber only requested monthly newsletters to be sent in his/her email address. You need to respect the decision of the email subscriber because they could choose to block or unsubscribe to an opt-in email marketing strategy.

We can still subdivide into categories opt-in emails. An unconfirmed opt-in email marketing refers to the subscriber that sends out incomplete contact information in its application to receive such materials. The danger from this kind of opt-in emails is that the materials might be considered spam after it is sent to other email addresses due to incomplete information or typo errors in the addresses.

This is different from a confirmed opt-in email wherein the subscriber is sent an email asking to confirm his/her subscription to a list software such as a website. The confirmation email functions in such a way that until the subscriber confirms his application, he will not be included in the mailing list and will not receive the emails he requested.

Double opt-in is another type of media marketing wherein the confirmation process is duplicated. Internet marketers add an additional confirmation process as an added security for subscribers. This is an anti-spammer technique and is oftentimes used to curb the proliferation of unethical practices of other web email marketing technique.

One more type of email marketing is the Opt-out technique. In this case, subscribers are added automatically on a mailing list but are given the option to unsubscribe or be taken out of the list.

With the popularization of email as means of communication, marketing practitioners have thought of ways to maximize the various communications technology which are now at the tips of the fingers of consumers. The solution they come up with is the opt-in email marketing strategies. Using email marketing in the right way is very beneficial for an internet business.

One of the most obvious advantage opt-in marketing brings is a faster and affordable method of advertising and marketing compared to other media communications. You can also receive an almost instantaneously feedback from your email subscribers. You can determine if your marketing strategy is effective and if it is you could start sending out marketing information to a wider audience almost immediately.

There are different formats that you could use for your opt in e-mail marketing strategy. One can use plain HTML, text formats and rich media formats. And because everything is electronic, you’ll save time, effort and money from postage or courier services.

By just a click of the mouse things are send through the wire networks. The recipient receives the information almost at an instant and a reply could also be sent at the same speed.