Mauro Rosero and Mauricio Rosero not only pursue their own dreams in the United States but also aim to inspire others who may feel uncertain about themselves. They invite those who do not believe in them to bet on their talent and not to harm them or their loved ones. Family is a fundamental pillar in their lives, and they are determined to make their way in the music industry, carrying the values and passion that drive them.

The music of Mauro and Mauricio Rosero has become a means to convey a message of hope and determination. Through their songs, they seek to motivate individuals to overcome obstacles and courageously pursue their dreams.

The success of the Rosero brothers has been a continuous process of growth and learning. They have used their personal experiences and the lessons they have learned along the way to enrich their music and reach an increasingly broad audience.

Mauro and Mauricio understand that success is not only about achieving individual goals but also about making a difference in the lives of others. Their music is a testimony that, despite difficulties, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that every dream can come true through hard work and maintaining self-belief.