Making money with Internet marketing is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t take a large investment. In fact, it doesn’t take any investment at all, if you don’t want it to, other than time and energy.

Of course, if you want to invest some money, that could propel you into running with the big dogs. But before you jump in the deep end, you’ll need to learn The 7 Secrets of Profitable Internet Marketing.

Secret #1: Plan / Strategy

Before you embark on anything new in life, you need to have a plan and a strategy to carry out that plan. Your plan is covered in that you know you want to begin making profit from Internet Marketing. Now, you need to find your strategy.

There’s one Internet marketing strategy of thought that suggests you need to find the hot market of the day in order to be successful in Internet marketing. Keep in mind, however, that the Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to hot markets. If you don’t already know what they are, join a few social networks and you’ll quickly discover many hot markets in which you may have interest. You just need to determine which one best fits your talent.

Sound too arduous and boring? Pull the tablet and pen out of your pocket protector and prepare to jot down some notes, and… Uh-uh.

Nope. At this point, you’re gonna brainstorm. You need to begin with the question as to what is the hottest market on the Internet today. Are you knowledgeable about this market? Can you become an expert? It not, what markets interest you?

Then, you’re gonna pull several blank pieces of paper out of your printer. Label each one of them with the first ideas that pop into your head as to what your Internet marketing will focus on. Put one idea on each piece of paper.

When brainstorming, ask yourself the following as it relates to the market(s) in which you have interest:

o What is it you like to do?
o What is you are good at?
o What are you interested in?
o What are you able to do that maybe fills a need that you don’t see filled right now?
o Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never took the time to do it?

Now that you’ve got a heading for each one, prioritize to its area of importance to you. Separate out 1 through 3. If you can’t decide on one, you can make two headings on each and number 1 through 5 in each column. One column will be for the things that you like most about this market. The other column will be to put the things you like least about this market.

Finally, decide on one market. You can actually branch out into others, once you are established in the first one.

Secret #2: Niche

The previous secret was the perfect segue into the second secret. Your market also identifies your niche, the group to which you will introduce what you are marketing. You will provide your services to your niche, because they are in need of what you are marketing.

Your niche will be who you cater to, who you introduce new products to and who you will be communicating with in regards to your marketing strategies. Your niche will be your lifeline to sales.

Secret #3: Set Up a Blog or Website

The most powerful blog or website you can create is one that is based on the KISS method – Keep It Simple Silly. The more complex and colorful your site is, the less you’re going to have people read the content and revisit the site. In addition, when formatting your site, keep all things organized in that comments are kept to the side or at the end. Don’t overdo it with videos and use only a few small pictures when inserting them on your site.

You want your content to be read by your niche and encourage them to buy your products. When setting up the blog, you’ll need to write spectacular sales copy on your home page that highlights in a nutshell why someone would be interested in you. You typically only have one chance to make a first impression and you want it to dazzle those who visit your site. Before posting the information about your market, submit it to a friend or colleague for critique.

Some things you’ll want to consider are not to crowd your copy. Make sure you don’t have more than six lines in each paragraph, use sub-headings and bullets where appropriate. Many people often scan the site before “committing” to reading it. If they immediately find compelling content, you’ll be able to hook them into reading the remainder of it. These strategies in creating content could be the determinating factor as to whether someone will buy your products.

In addition, when creating content, be yourself. Talk in the same manner that you would if you were having a conversation with someone. It encourages people to come back, because they feel comfortable in visiting you virtually.

Make sure after your site is set up, advertise it on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and other social websites. Invite your friends and acquaintances. You’d be surprised how word will get around.

Secret #4: Sell Downloadable Products

Society today wants everything now. Give it to them. Provide downloadable books, CDs, MP3 files and anything else that someone can download for a fee. Diversify the downloadable products you present to your visitors, but try to keep them somewhat in relative families. You wouldn’t want to sell wood planes when your market is pets. Keep in mind, before people can purchase downloads off your website, you’re going to have to have a back office in place to process payments. PayPal is a popular tool that many use in the cyber world today.

If you have your payment method established, along with a variety of products available, you’ll have established a 24-hour store that monitors itself.

Secret #5: Advertising – To Pay or Not to Pay

Google and Yahoo provide services that enable your site to be viewed with a high degree of visibility. It is a service called pay-per-click advertising. You pay for each time someone clicks or visits your site; although, it’s minimal. The most successful online companies use this service. Visit Yahoo or Google if you are interested and take their tutorials for more information.

You have other options, though, if you decide you don’t want to pay to entice people to visit your site. There are several article websites that allow you to write and post your own articles about your market and provide a bio and link into your blog or website for visitors to find you.

This is where compelling copy also comes into play. This venue gives you a great opportunity to shine and draw new visitors that might not find your website or blog. and others allow you to post your articles in order to draw a greater audience.

Secret # 6: RSS Feed / E-Mail Capture

You need a means to capture visitor information when they visit your site. Many Internet marketers have RSS feeds, e-mail capture and other methods of keeping their subscribers informed. Make sure you set up your site to receive visitor information. Once someone willfully provides their e-mail to your for subscription, you have Making Money opportunities for sales that can be unprecedented.

Most (virtually all) visitors to your site will not buy from you the first time. They will, most likely, have to visit your site several times before they feel comfortable enough to “trust” you with their information. Make sure you communicate on a regular basis with your subscribers. When you do provide regular information that you niche will find useful. This type of communication encourages trust and eventually converts them to buyers.

Secret #7: Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to grow your business exponentially is to use affiliate marketing. That means you allow others to promote your products for you for a commission. If you have created an e-book or some other form of downloadable product that you’re selling only on your site, you may make a decent income from the sales. If you use 20 other affiliates, however, to sell your products for you for a commission, it could blow the door wide open for your product sales.

Just like having 24/7 online pay allows you to have a store without monitoring it, affiliate marketing gives you even greater advantages and opportunities for sales. Another strategy that is helpful to incorporate in affiliate marketing is to develop a network of people you trust and communicate with. Sell their products on your site, and have your products sold on their sites. Guest write on their blogs and have them guest write on yours. Affiliate marketing can grow into online friendship whereby you have support in the cyber world.