Are you frustrated with your Internet marketing efforts? Are you making little or no money marketing your business online?

If Internet marketing is not paying off for you, why not change your marketing method, with one that has a proven track record. One that is more stable, more consistent and more economical than the Internet. One that is highly flexible, highly effective, and can target your market with pin point accuracy. What is it? Postcard Marketing.

With all the “high-tech” marketing systems available to business owners today, you may ask yourself, why would anyone consider marketing with postcards? Quite simply…it works, and works extremely well. Thousands of home business owners are running hugely successful businesses using nothing but postcard marketing.

Before I started marketing with postcards, I gathered some information from experienced postcard marketers, to find out what makes marketing with postcards so profitable. Here is what I discovered.

1. Cost-effective- Postcards are a very inexpensive way to get your message out. In fact, regular sized postcards are 38% cheaper than using standard sized letters. For as little as a few hundred dollars, you can reach thousands of prospects and clients. No other marketing vehicle offers this level of reach for such a small investment.

Internet marketers use a highly effective method to get quality leads as well. It’s called PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising. Even though these are quality leads PPC is not only difficult to master, it can be quite expensive to run campaigns. One marketer I know spends 5k or more every month to generate leads. Do you think most people starting out have that kind of money to advertise? Do you think that the majority of people are going to take the time to learn difficult strategies such as PPC? From my experience they won’t.

Postcards are indisputably the most inexpensive targeted marketing strategy available. Whatever your mission – to advertise, invite, brand, remind, promote sell or recruit, with postcards, they can all be effectively accomplished.

2. High Readership- Postcards have a tendency to be seen more. The Postal Service suggests that postcards are more than six times as likely to be read as compared with direct mail letters – 94% versus 14%.

Because letters are in envelopes the consumer gets a chance to decide whether to open the envelope or discard it. Many people will just toss it in the trash without looking at it. Now compared to postcards, there’s no envelope. When you pick up the card you can’t help but see the message.

3. Highly Versatile- A Postcard campaign is simple to put together. With postcards there are no folding, collating, stuffing, licking envelopes etc. All you do is put on the stamp. And there are services that will even do that for you. With numerous options available to you regarding size and layout, a postcard can be designed for virtually any purpose.

4. Targets specific markets- With postcards the effectiveness of your marketing depends on the mailing list that you purchase. The great thing about quality mailing lists is that you can target your market with great accuracy. You can get a list for practically any product or service on the market. If some one has bought a product or service like yours before, chances are they will buy again. This is one of the major reasons why postcard marketing is so effective.

5. Easily Duplicated- For MLM If you are trying to build a network marketing business, you know that the two biggest problems facing your business are recruiting quality prospects, and training them to use a successful marketing system.

This marketing system is so simple anyone can duplicate it. It simply involves finding a quality mailing list, finding a quality printer for your postcards, mailing a specific amount of postcards a per day or per week to your list, and follow up with those who respond, that’s it. That’s the system. When your whole team uses this simple marketing method your downline will explode very quickly, because everyone knows exactly what to do. Now isn’t that how we all want to build our network marketing business?

There are of course more benefits in postcards, but these are the top five that everyone agrees on.

Postcards of course don’t guarantee marketing success. You’ve got to make good choices regarding the list, paper stock and size, colors, graphics, layout and copy. (Some companies will take care of all those details for you.) There is absolutely no doubt that with careful planning and strategy, postcards can definitely increase your prospect and customer base, along with your profits.