There’s definitely more than one way to build a multi-million dollar Network Marketing organization. Everyone has his or her own version. One thing that I’m sure everybody would agree on wholeheartedly, though, is: qualified, laser-targeted leads is the lifeblood of all businesses. Without a steady, consistent and unlimited flow of pre-qualified, laser-targeted leads, all businesses will die.

It doesn’t matter what business it is. It can be a lemonade stand on the corner, Google, GE or Apple Computer. Without leads, there are no customers. Without customers, there is no business. That’s just the way it is. We can agree or disagree, but it won’t change the fact that what I had just said is as true as it can be.

With this fact considered, it’s safe to say that creating a system that will provide us with an unlimited flow of pre-qualified, laser-targeted leads would be the very first step in building a multi-million dollar Network Marketing organization…long-term. It’s like pre-heating the oven before baking anything. It has to be done. A lot of people are so excited to get to the process, they put the raw cake in a cold oven, all excited and pumped up. Then after an hour, they scratch their heads when the cake doesn’t get baked. Worse yet, they blame the oven for the unsuccessful project.

It’s the oven’s fault, so they go find another oven only to repeat the same exact process. When this gets repeated over several tries, they conclude that baking doesn’t work and all ovens are bad. Well, a good question to ask is: Have you ever tried turning it on first? A lot of times, we get the answer: “Huh?”

Yup. It’s true. This scenario happens in Network Marketing all…day…long. It’s best to figure out how the money flows before anything else. See what will bring in the money and work on building that infrastructure first. Pre-heat the oven. It’s the most critical part of the process to get the desired results that our dreams are made of.

The old school way is to build our leads by networking offline. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, that’s the very foundation of the Network Marketing profession. The 21st century,however, changed the game. Let’s think of this for a minute: back in the old days, we used road maps to navigate through the complex roads of wherever we are. Nowadays, there’s what we call the GPS Navigation System.

We’re still welcome to use both, but whoever’s using the GPS will most likely have an easier time than the one still using the old road maps. The same thing applies to using the dictionary compared to using or the old encyclopedia sets compared to Google, Yahoo or Bing. That’s just the way it is. It’s the 21st century. We have to flow with the times or we will get left behind.

The internet definitely changed the Network Marketing profession. What used to work back in the 70′s, 80′s or even the 90′s don’t necessarily work as well in 2011. It can still work, but not as well as it used to. It’s like comparing a 1984 Toyota Corolla with 120 miles to the 2011 version with the same 120 miles. They’re both good cars, but the 2011 version, in my opinion, is definitely better and more efficient than the 1984 version.

What am I getting at here?

(1) The internet is not going anywhere.
(2) It will continue to grow by leaps and bounds as we move forward in time.
(3) It allows us to access people we only dreamed of accessing back in the old days.
(4) It allows us to efficiently automate our lead generation.
(5) It can create multiple streams of long-term income for anyone who decides to dare.

Are these good or bad for our business? That depends on how we look at and see things. For me, it’s absolutely great! The internet allows us to create the unlimited flow of laser-targeted leads that we all desire. The key here is having the right infrastructure in place. We can build our own, or we can plug into a system that’s already been built, tested, and proven to be effective. That allows us to focus on what counts most: growing our list. By the way, back in the 80′s, this was called database marketing.

When we ran into Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring concept, we totally got and embraced the philosophies behind it. His ideas and concepts encourage promoting the right things and leaving behind the stings in Network Marketing that induce our circle of contacts to dodge and avoid us at all costs. Now again, there are several ways to build an organization. We just chose to go with the “2011 Toyota Corolla”, so to speak.

Some people think we’re right, others may think we’re wrong. It really doesn’t matter. What matters most is what we personally think. After all is said and done, we need to implement the business model, so it has to be in harmony with our philosophies for it to be effective and long-term. We always look at the viability of any idea that comes across our paths. We do the best we can to maintain an open mind and objectively evaluate the circumstances and processes that go with any particular system.

To date, we have yet to see or learn about an alternative approach that makes more sense than the Magnetic Sponsoring model. It is so true that we want to buy. We don’t want to be sold. The key here is, just like any other system, the Magnetic Sponsoring concept works best when it is applied long-term. It’s not a quick fix.

Let’s play with the math behind it a little bit. Let’s say we did all the right things and we were able to get our lead flow to 20 a day…every single day. That’s 600 leads a month, 720 leads a year, 10,800 in 18 months, and finally 14,400 in 2 years. Let’s stop there for now. In my opinion, even if we were cave men (or women), I sincerely believe we can create a solid and productive Network Marketing organization if 14,400 pre-qualified, laser-targeted leads got exposed to our primary Network Marketing company’s information. This is most especially true if we can show these same prospects that we have an established system in place which they can duplicate themselves to help them build their own organizations.

The only way that this model will not produce the results we so desire is if we quit. No matter how bad we are at the beginning, we can’t help but get better just because of the sheer volume of leads that will flow our way. Now what if we sustained the model for the next 10 years? What would the numbers be? What kind of Network marketing organization can we build?

Ten years from now, we’ll surely arrive. The question is: where? If we started to plant the seeds today, we’ll definitely have our own forest in about 10 years. Whatever’s worth doing is worth doing long-term. That’s one stigma in Network Marketing that we must, once and for all, change. Network marketing is not a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong. It could happen fairly quickly for some people who already have the infrastructure in place because of their prior experiences. It’s like the bus driver who wants to become a taxi driver. The success would definitely happen fast in this scenario. But for someone who’s just learning how to drive, it will take time for that person to be efficient in driving a taxi, more so a bus.

What we’re looking for is a plug-and-play system so we can focus on the activities that create the most productivity: building our list and building a long-term relationship with the people on our list. A plug-and-play system will definitely shorten the learning curve for those of us who are really not techno-savvy. After all, we’re in the business of marketing, not computer programming.

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What plug-and-play system out there works best with Magnetic Sponsoring?

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