In a previous article, I argued that success in network marketing comes from implementing the right combination of strategies and tactics. All too often, network marketers focus on the tactical side of things (when is the best time to call, what should I say, etc.) without really appreciating that the right tactic, no matter how skillfully employed, will not produce the desired result if the overlying strategy is flawed.

This article presents 5 more strategies that are critical to anyone’s success in network marketing. With these strategies firmly in place, even imperfect tactics can yield positive results.

Strategy 1. Manage Procrastination

If you are going to be a top earner, you have to manage procrastination. The good news is that it’s a skill that can be redirected and put to good use. Instead of putting aside the important things for the trivial, do just the opposite. Turn communication into an event rather than a day-long process by turning off the phones and the Internet. Most importantly, learn to distinguish the critical from the urgent. (Advancing your business is a critical activity; for example, a ringing phone is urgent but rarely important. You get the idea.)

Strategy 2. FOCUS

We have alluded to the need to focus in several of the other strategies we have discussed; but this is about focusing at a higher level. No one has ever become a top earner in network marketing (and probably not in any other industry), by constantly jumping from one company to another or from one marketing strategy to another. Of course, you need a credible starting point but, after that, don’t let yourself be distracted by the next greatest deal or the next bright shiny bauble of whatever description.

Stick with the company you are with for at least a year (5 years is better), keep practicing the fundamentals, teach your business partners to do the same. Think of FOCUS as an acronym for Follow One System Until Successful.

Strategy 3. Become A Student

You need to become a student of the industry. It is called network marketing for a reason. Learn all you can about effective networking and effective marketing.

It is a good idea to spend more time working on yourself than you do working on your business. I am not saying you should cut back your business hours. Find time outside of those hours for personal development. The more you grow, the more your business will grow.

Strategy 4. Blend On-Line and Off-Line Strategies and Tactics

No one has yet built and sustained a successful network marketing business entirely online. Plus, the online strategies have a longer and steeper learning curve so it pays (literally) to become proficient in off-line strategies while you are developing your online skills. In addition, learning how to talk to people will also help you create more successful email marketing campaigns.

You can be successful in network marketing without a computer, but not without a phone!

Strategy 5. Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate

If you started your career as an employee or a sole-proprietor, you are probably accustomed to your own personal performance being the most important metric. That is not true in network marketing. You need to shift your paradigm and start thinking in terms of team performance rather than individual performance. If you know the latest super-ninja sales tactics but no one else can use them, ditch them and go back to following and teaching the basics. Otherwise, you will have problems recruiting (prospects will feel they can’t be successful because they can’t do what they see you do) and duplicating your results at all levels of your organization.