Success in network marketing comes from implementing the right combination of strategies and tactics. All too often, network marketers focus on the tactical side of things (what do I say to whom, etc.) without really appreciating that the right tactic, no matter how brilliantly employed, will not produce the desired result if the overlying strategy is flawed.

This article presents 5 strategies that are critical to anyone’s success in network marketing. With these strategies firmly in place, even imperfect tactics can yield positive results.

Strategy 1. Treat Your Business Like A Business

One of the advantages of network marketing is also one of its biggest disadvantages. That is, the price of getting started is so low (often less than $1,000 and sometimes substantially less) that the new entrepreneur does not really feel he has any “skin in the game.” That is, there is no incentive to put in a lot of time and energy into getting started today. In addition, most people already had a full life and adjusting habits and priorities to make time for a new business can be a challenge.

In order to achieve success in network marketing, you have to treat it as a real business long before it starts yielding real business returns. Act as if you had invested $250,000 into a franchise, plug into the system your company or team already has in place, follow the fundamentals, and get into positive cash flow as quickly as possible.

Strategy 2. Create Space

Especially when first starting out, you need to create a space for your business. This means physical space that, ideally, is dedicated to business activities, a space in time (your business hours) for when you will be working on your business, and space from your other commitments to allow you to focus on the work at hand. Once you have these set, you should protect and observe them as if your business depends on it… it does!

Strategy 3. Stay on the Right Side of the Trouble Line

You also need to focus your activities on staying on the right side of the “trouble line,” the line between activities that pay, and those that do not. In network marketing, we only get paid for a couple of things, retailing product and wholesaling product by growing our downline and getting everyone on an autoship program. Other necessary activities such as personal development, training, and reading inspirational material are all non-pay activities and should take place outside of your dedicated business hours.

Never mistake activity for productivity and never mistake movement for progress.

Strategy 4. Take Massive, Imperfect Action

There is a saying that imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. You need to pick your marketing and recruiting tactics and get started. Do not wait until you have perfected your approach. Get started now. Don’t worry too much about your numbers (conversion rates). Whatever they are, they will get better over time, but only through practice. And, whatever they are, if you double your input, you’ll also double your output. It is often said that it is easier to build a network marketing business quickly than it is to build it slowly.

Strategy 5. Be Consistent and Persistent

Having started, it is important to take consistent and persistent action. Studies in other industries have shown that prospects, clients, and customers identify quality with consistency. Everyone, prospects, team members, even the search engines are more impressed with consistency than with one-time events, even those of epic proportion. It is a tortoise and hare thing.