The proper strategy in marketing planning can make the difference in your successes. Many people start the marketing process before they ever have a strategy defined. What process did you go through when you started your last marketing campaign? Was it focused from the very start? Knowing where you are heading and knowing where you want to end up, is a big benefit to you as you start the journey. While there are many aspects to consider, there are a few concepts that are a must for each and every marketing effort. Here are three of the most important ideas that you will want to consider prior to planning your marketing activities.

Focus on these 3 simple concepts to create the winning strategy for your marketing.

1) Know your Customer- You may have realized this already, but we can’t stress it enough. You really have to get to know your customer. You need to know who will want your product or service, what aspect of it attracts them to you, and where they hang out. There are a lot of great ways to get to know them, but the internet makes it so much easier these days. Start by doing a search on Google for your product or service. Among the many articles and web sites you will find listed there, you will also see forums, clubs, and groups. These are the best places to listen to your customers. They will be telling each other what they like or don’t like about your industry. You can even enter into the conversation and ask focused questions of the end users. You will be surprised how much you can learn in this manner. The next step is to go onto the social networks, starting with Facebook, and complete the same process. When your strategy in marketing planning starts to pay off, you can create a group on Facebook to follow the changing needs of your customers.

2) Plan to give them what they want- So now you have found your customers, you have listened to them, and you have a really good idea what it is they want from your product or service. Now you will want to prepare to deliver value to them. The main key to any thriving business is to deliver more value in the product than the amount of money required from the customer. This concept will serve you very well when you create your strategy in marketing planning. Start with what you have and use your research to augment your process or product to tailor them to the main group of consumers. Develop a marketing plan that points out the benefits of your product or service and also points out how they will help the customer avoid the pain of not using them. People are motivated by pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Use these to show the customer the value of your offer.

3) Let them find you- The internet will really help you in this aspect of your strategy in marketing planning. The reality is that when you market on the internet, you stop searching for customers and they begin to look for you. The trick is to get your offer out in front of them and allow them to find you. You can accomplish this by creating what is referred to as content. This is a combination of writing articles about your industry, using videos to introduce yourself and the benefits, blogging, and using the social media to create a branded presence online. As they search for information on your industry, your content will be there to inform them.

The strategy in marketing planning is the key to success in any endeavor. Knowing what you want to gain from your marketing plan will allow you to create a campaign that will work. Understanding the internet and how to market it is very important. A solid marketing mentor can be very helpful in the planning phase.

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