Today we are going to discuss some important things on direct marketing. It is set apart from other marketing by two main characteristics. Most the time it is used in and effort to market directly to a specific group of consumers. The marketer is trying to stress the importance of keeping track of positive responses.

In 1967 Lester Wunderman is the first known to have used direct marketing. Even though it was the first known occasion that someone used this type of marketing mail order had started in 1867 around the time of the typewriter. Most marketers prefer this type of marketing because they get more positive results.

Marketing through direct mail is very popular. Most of your advertisers call this type of marketing junk mail. However, it includes an invitation given through mail to the consumer. It is designed to market to a specific group of consumers. Most countries use it to target a specific group of mail with a set rate.

Another more popular marketing method is telemarketing. They target their consumers by calling them. In October of 2003 a do – not – call list was placed by the united states. People place there name on this list in order to prohibit telemarketers from calling them. More then 62 million people had asked to have their names placed on this list in one year. Even though telemarketers do not like this law they do abide by it.

A third type would be email marketing. One major concern of email marketing would be spam. Spam actually predates email marketing. As a result of mass spamming, most email companies provide an effective filtering program. These filters can sometimes interfere with your campaign.

Our fourth marketing tactic is by marketing through voice mail. Other ways to market are expensive, but this is a very low cost way to market your product. These type of marketers tend to abuse their privileges. Laws were set up by the jurisdictions in order to help the consumers.

Marketing on the television has two basic forms. The first one is through long form. Long form is where the marketer talks for anywhere between a half hour to an hour segment explaining their product in detail. The second type of television marketing is short form. Short form marketing only lasts for 30 – 60 seconds and ask the viewers for an immediate response. Now that you know a little bit about direct marketing you should be able to be successful if you decide to pursue it.