The SEO Copywriter sophistication of Google and the other search engines has never been higher. Even for SEO experts, understanding the constantly evolving search engine algorithms is often like attempting to lasso rain. Be wary of those who attempt to confuse you with fake science, even while SEO copywriters obviously need specialised expertise and the ability to produce relevant, clear, and well-written material on a variety of topics. According to Google, well-written, relevant content is the secret to successful SEO writing.

Here are five crucial factors to take into account when shortlisting SEO copywriters.

Has the SEO copywriter already produced SEO copy?

Writing SEO text is extremely different from writing newsletters or brochures, just as creating a Formula One vehicle is different from developing a 4×4. A skilled SEO copywriter will be excited to share their work with you. Visit several websites to find out for yourself; check to see whether SEO, website, or internet marketing professionals are among their clientele.

Do they have their own website?

How did you come upon the SEO copywriter’s personal website? It’s a positive indicator if you discovered it using a search engine. On the other hand, anybody can stuff keywords or keyphrases into a webpage. Does a human reader find the website easy to read? Do you really want your website to read that way? Alarm bells should go off when copy seems awkward or is unnecessarily repetitious. When thinking about SEO copywriters, it is something to consider.

Do you have a local SEO copywriter?

Thanks to contemporary technology, it is no longer necessary for you to live in the same city, county, or even nation as your SEO copywriter. But in reality, as with so many elements of a company, working with a local SEO copywriter is often helpful. It’s all about establishing and keeping connections, and sometimes nothing beats having a face-to-face conversation.

How much do they charge?

Beware of some of the “cheap and cheerful” SEO content that is available since, like any good or service, you get what you pay for with SEO copywriters. Ideally, your SEO copywriter should present you with a set pricing proposal (if you have given a clear brief) rather than just an estimate. A first draught of SEO copywriting and at least two rounds of edits are often included in this. Your copywriter shouldn’t modify their fee throughout the assignment as long as you don’t change the brief. Of course, you will give them the keyphrases or keywords they need before they start working for you.

Do they have industry experience?

Even if an SEO copywriter hasn’t previously worked in your industry, it doesn’t always matter. In fact, a site writer who is new to your sector may offer fresh ideas and a new perspective on your work. The ability to become passionate about what you do, interest in the features and benefits of your product or service, and familiarity with producing quality SEO text are the most crucial factors. (Having experience in traditional copywriting and marketing is a huge plus.)

You’ll have a terrific start with your new SEO copywriter if you adhere to these rules. Try to talk with them (or at least meet with them) before you begin work whenever you can. People purchase people, as we all know. A skilled SEO copywriter with a personable, client-focused style is a valuable ally while you advertise your company online. Choose him or her wisely. Start reaping the rewards after that.