Refund Policies And Warranties On Men’s Wedding Rings In South Africa

The exchange policy is the time you have to return a ring if it doesn’t fit. Most jewellers offer a 30-day exchange policy, but some will give you more time and some less. The most important thing is that they’re consistent and transparent: if they say 30 days on their website or in their store, then that’s what you should expect.

For example, Touchwood goes to great lengths to create the hippest, highest-quality mens wedding rings at affordable rates. Their warranty statement is their guarantee to you when you purchase a Touchwood ring.

30-Day “No Questions Asked” Exchange Policy:

If you are not satisfied with your purchased ring or need a different size or design, you are welcome to exchange it within 30 days of the delivery date. If you find it necessary to exchange your purchased ring, the exchange must be processed according to their return policy, which is outlined in more detail below:

      The ring must be in the same unworn and pristine condition as when it was received.

      Items cannot be exchanged if they are personalized with engraving.

      Exchanges will include a total of R300 for a two-way courier and a restocking fee.

      Exchanges for different rings will include a deficit fee if the new ring’s value exceeds that of the original ring, or credit will be given in the case of a lesser-value ring.

Personalized items are an exception to this rule. They do not accept exchanges on any personalized items, such as engraved items, including any ring they or you have had engraved. All personalized items are final sales, and no exchanges will be accepted.

Lifetime Warranty

Your purchased ring also comes with a FREE “no-hassle” one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  If your purchased ring has a manufacturing defect (chipping, breaking, etc.), they will replace your purchased ring once at no cost to you, as long as a proof of purchase and a clear photo of the defective ring showing visible defects are emailed to them within one (1) year of the original order date.  If a replacement is not available, they may offer another similar style ring at the same value.

If you buy a ring with a manufacturing flaw, you can only get one (1) replacement within the one-year warranty period, and that’s all they’ll do for you if they break the limited warranty set out here.

Touchwood is proud to offer a lifetime limited warranty with their wedding rings—free of charge. Your ring is made to last a lifetime. They do reserve the right to void the warranty if a customer abuses the warranty or rings, as set forth in the exceptions below.

What you get for your lifetime warranty:

      Free Replacement of Your Ring In the case of a manufacturing defect, the ring will be replaced with no additional charge within a 1-year period of its purchase.

      Don’t stress If your purchase falls outside the 1 year period and the cause of your ring issue is natural and according to their policies they WILL still replace your ring with the exception that courier will be for the customer’s account.

      Please take note that any and all rings will be replaced under their warranty agreement and policy, with the exception of personalization costs to their products – This means that any costs incurred for engraving on their rings will be for the customer’s account in the event that your original purchase was personalized. This is only for the costs of personalization your product will be fully covered.


Please Note the Following Exceptions for their lifetime warranty rings:

The limited warranty does not cover size changes due to weight loss/gain, scratches or damage incurred due to abuse, abnormal environmental conditions, exposure to harsh chemicals, negligence, use contrary to care instructions, or loss of the ring. Tungsten rings are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Tungsten may break if dropped on hard floors or often exposed to harsh chemicals (bleach, Lysol, hand sanitiser).  Gold, Black or coloured plating will wear over time but will wear faster if exposed to harsh chemicals as mentioned above.

In short: They will sort you out to the best of their abilities in the event that your ring has a defect, broke or damage within a reasonable context. They are here to help and give you an awesome customer experience.

If they suspect that you are abusing the rights granted to you under the limited warranty or otherwise making a false claim of defect, they reserve the right to void your lifetime warranty.


We hope that this article has helped you understand how to return a men’s wedding ring in South Africa. As you saw there are many different situations where a customer might want to return their purchase and each one requires a different approach by the retailer. In general, the more honest you are about your reasons for wanting to exchange or refund an item, the better chance there is of receiving favourable treatment from them.