In today’s fast-paced digital world, the intersection of advanced technologies and highly efficient internet infrastructure opens up new possibilities for building innovative applications. One prime example of this synergy is the Design Cart platform, which has revolutionized the way online businesses operate. This article explores how Design Cart leverages these technologies to provide powerful tools, like window configurators, that enhance user experience and streamline business operations.



A window configurator is an innovative online tool that allows users to design and customize windows to meet their specific needs. It enables the selection of dimensions, material types, and glass types, making the personalization process simple and enjoyable. With a window configurator, anyone can easily view a preview of the designed window and understand how each component affects the price, helping them make the best decision before finalizing their order. Our tool offers a wide range of options, allowing for full creativity and customization to meet individual expectations. The window configurator typically gives users the option to request a quote for their configuration or to place and pay for the order directly.


From the user’s perspective, a window configurator operates through a simple and intuitive interface that guides them through all stages of window design. The process can start with choosing the dimensions and shape of the window that best fits the space they wish to utilize. Next, they can select the frame material and glass type, tailoring the product to their thermal and aesthetic needs. Each design stage is visually supported, allowing users to continuously preview changes. Upon completing the configuration, the system automatically generates a summary with the selected options and an estimated quote, enabling easy and quick transition to order fulfillment.

Configurators created in Design Cart work by ensuring compatibility between window components. This allows sellers to set specific dependencies among window components, ensuring users can only make combinations that can be produced by the factory. Sellers also have the ability to manage individual window options (add, edit, delete), and set their impact on the price.


Implementing a window configurator on a company’s website brings numerous benefits that significantly impact operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By automating processes and offering 24/7 availability, companies can better manage their resources and provide higher quality service. Here are the key advantages illustrating how a window configurator can enhance competitiveness and strengthen brand image:

  • Sales Automation: The configurator allows for automatic order intake and processing, reducing the need for human intervention and enabling faster sales execution.
  • 24/7 Availability: The configurator enables customers to design and order windows at any time, increasing customer satisfaction and the company’s sales potential.
  • Error Reduction in Orders: By precisely matching window components and verifying their compatibility, the configurator minimizes the risk of errors, resulting in lower after-sales service costs and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Quick Estimates: The configurator provides customers with instant cost estimates, speeding up the purchase decision process and increasing sales efficiency.
  • Brand Image Enhancement: A modern and functional window configurator boosts the perception of the company’s innovation and professionalism in the eyes of customers.
  • Competitiveness Improvement: Having an advanced configurator differentiates the company from competitors, offering customers unique solutions tailored to their needs.
  • Resource Savings: By automating the ordering process, the configurator allows employees to focus on other, more strategic tasks within the company, optimizing the use of human resources.


The configurators we create have been in development for over a decade. Each project’s greatest challenge has been the images of windows the configurator would work with. Manufacturers either do not provide these images or do not have them. Creating an image for every combination of window options would take a lot of time and be quite costly. At Design Cart, we have developed two technologies to solve this problem.


Another innovation is the selection of window opening methods. The seller does not have to upload a single image. Everything is generated “on the fly.” Most configurators present a list of windows with different opening methods. Ours presents one window where the user configures which sash should open in what way.


The configurator, based on settings made by the seller, checks how many sashes the window has, whether it has transoms, and whether these are divided or not. Based on this data, an image is generated. The image generator is equipped with cache memory, so if a given combination has been generated before, it will be presented to the user immediately, saving script loading time and server resources.


A window configurator is a comprehensive tool that simplifies the process of making personalized product choices for customers. To meet market expectations and provide maximum functionality, a configurator should include several advanced features. Below are the key features that should be included in any well-designed configurator to ensure an intuitive and effective shopping experience.

  • Window Preview: This function allows users to visually see the designed window in real time, aiding in decision-making regarding appearance and functionality.
  • List of Selected Options with Prices: Users can track which elements have been chosen and how they affect the overall cost of the product.
  • Final Price Preview: This feature provides information about the total cost of the configuration, crucial for customers planning their purchases.
  • Option to Add Explanations for Each Step: This function provides additional information and guidance at each configuration stage, especially helpful for first-time users.
  • Generating PDF Offers: Allows customers to generate professional offer documents with configuration details for documentation purposes.
  • Online Payments: Integration with online payment systems enables seamless and secure transactions directly through the configurator.
  • Delivery Method Selection: This feature lets customers choose the most suitable delivery method, enhancing their satisfaction and control over the purchasing process.
  • Inquiry or Purchase Option: Users can easily transition from designing to purchasing or sending a quote request, making the platform versatile.
  • Image Preview Generator: Advanced visualization technologies allow users to obtain realistic images of the designed window, facilitating decision-making.
  • Editing Capability: This feature enables administrators to quickly and efficiently make changes in the configurator, such as updating prices, descriptions, explanations, options, or product parameters.
  • CSV Price List Import: This feature allows for quick and efficient updating and managing product prices, essential for maintaining accurate offers and easy store management.
  • Personalization (Color Scheme, Logo, Background Behind the Window): The ability to customize the configurator interface to meet the company’s individual needs and visual identity.


Online window pricing is undoubtedly a good idea that meets contemporary market needs. It offers convenience, speed, and personalization, which are crucial for modern consumers. Moreover, a configurator that enables not only generating offers but also direct purchases seems to be a better choice for companies looking to maximize their sales results and offer customers comprehensive online service.


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