In today’s industry, the ability to create a branded platform is proving to be more crucial to real success in the network marketing arena than the old traditional MLM training of the past. Methods of the past have worked through the use of powerful word-of-mouth marketing, but one major medium has proven to work much faster when used properly. That major medium is the internet.

Never before have we been part of a technology that has introduced us to major opportunities in both networking and marketing. As a matter of fact, we now are at a global reach from the very comfort of our own homes. Just a few feet away from our computer screens and we have the ability to communicate with anyone around the world. But in order to reap the rewards that the internet has to offer, one must graduate into an effective internet network marketer…an internet entrepreneur.

In order to be an effective internet entrepreneur, one must understand the importance of having a personal branded platform, a personal web presence, building a list in your database, and utilizing the funded proposal concept. Keep in mind that the following concepts I am about to discuss are rarely, if ever, taught by any network marketing company. It’s no wonder why many distributors have such a difficult time trying to gain leverage in their pursuit to residual income… financial freedom.

The Four Pillars To Effective Online Networking & Marketing

Pillar #1: Personal Branded Platform.

The first topic I want to discuss with you is the importance of having a personal branded platform. What this means is that YOU are the platform in your MLM business. It’s not your company, not your products, not your tools and services, it’s YOU. To gain an advantage in this industry, you must realize that branding yourself is much bigger than just your company, product and service. They are not the real business here…YOU are.

Once you get it, you will experience one of the true unfair advantages left in the network marketing business today…a cost-effective way to function in this industry. Realize that the one thing you have going for you is that no one can duplicate YOU. By branding yourself, you attach your personality to your business and in return, it will make it grow faster and create more profits for you. You also position yourself as an authentic leader and an informed expert instead of positioning yourself as a pushy salesman…which is what all companies teach their distributors to become.

Because network marketing is a people business, the more you learn about people (their needs, wants, and desires and the technologies to stay connected) the more successful you will become. And when you have the right tools and technology to brand yourself and to market more effectively, you will automatically increase your value to yourself, your business, and to your prospects, customers, and loyal followers.

Pillar #2: Personal Web Presence.

The second topic I want to discuss is what I’ve learned to be the ultimate secret weapon that you could possible own to catapult you into MLM stardom. Why would I say this? Because I’ve been studying the internet for the past 6 years and I’ve been able to watch its transformation take place from Web 1.0 to the massive world of Web 2.0.

You see, back then, the internet consisted of what I consider one-point marketing. This term simply refers to marketing performed with an interruption style manner in which the primary focus was on selling. If the customer/prospect didn’t buy right there and then, they were passed over onto the next one until a sale was made. This approach was clearly a numbers game, and unfortunately, it became the major trend amongst internet marketers & network marketers. Can you blame them? This approach clearly was a mirror image of Big Corporate America.

Fast forward to today’s evolved internet, we now have in our hands a high tech/high touch phenomena. Customers/prospects are no longer tolerating interruption style marketing. Look around and take notice of the transformations taking place. People no longer want to be interrupted with commercials and multiple ads to buy a product or service.

Because of the evolved state of the internet, people have now become empowered with the ability to focus their attention on selective information that meets their needs, wants, and desires. Customers/prospects are now positioned to buy when they are well informed and educated. Statistics speak for themselves…How many customers/prospects perform a search on search engines before they buy anything? Over 50% and this rate keeps rising incredibly fast everyday.

What does this mean to you and your MLM business? It means it’s no longer “business as usual.” Interruption style marketing is no longer at the forefront of marketing. We have graduated into the world of permission marketing where influence is what you’ll need to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers and customers into loyal fans. And this process begins with the ability to build relationships and trust with your ideal customer/prospect.

In order to accomplish a personal connection with your ideal customer/prospect, you must brand yourself through your very own web presence. You cannot accomplish a personal connection with a replicated website from your company. You must build a separate business from your company so that you function as a “True Independent Distributor.”

Pillar #3: Building A List In Your Database.

Now that you understand the importance of building your personal brand with your personal web presence, let’s discuss your most important MLM business asset…building your list.

This is the most important aspect of being an effective internet network marketer. Without it, you’re left talking to strangers and unqualified leads that will slow down and even freeze your MLM business. Why would you want to continue talking to strangers and unqualified leads when you don’t have to?

Your home business will require you to invest your precious time into your qualified leads who are interested in you. By creating your personal brand with your web presence, you’ll automatically start to build your list of qualified leads that can turn into friends, customers, and loyal fans for life.

Pillar #4: The Funded Proposal Concept.

This last discussion primarily deals with the foundation of profits…the funded proposal concept. This idea stems from a direct marketing platform which was introduced heavily in the mlm industry by Mike Dillard. In so doing, he revolutionized the network marketing industry forever.

What is a funded proposal? It’s the fuel behind you MLM business system. The formula to profit from people who will never join your home business. A funded proposal is simply this…a product or multiple products you sell at the beginning (front-end) of your marketing to immediately gain a profit (cash flow). This process will allow you to build loyal customers who will later want to buy more expensive products from you in the back-end, or perhaps join your business. This process helps fuel your marketing campaign so that your business doesn’t lose money and can grow. Plus, your expert status increases exponentially.

By using a “retail now, recruit later” approach, you get a chance to educate, inspire, and help transform qualified leads into customers and/or business partners. And by having the right network marketing training, you can begin your upgrade to an effective internet network marketing platform.