So your looking for tools that will help you market your network marketing business? I’m so glad you clicked on this article. The 10 tools outlined below have allowed me to reach new levels of success with my network marketing business. I am confident that by utilizing these tools you can have similar results with your network marketing business as well.

Below is a list of tools that I recommend for any network marketer who is looking to build their business on the internet. Some of the tools mentioned are free while others are not. There are free alternatives out there for the tools that do require money, you just have to search for them.

I will briefly discuss each tool and how to implement it into your network marketing business.

Lets begin!

1) Marketing Campaign

Having a marketing campaign is a must for any network marketer looking to build their business on the internet. Think of the internet as a major interstate highway. Millions if not billions of people are traveling on the internet every second of over minute of every hour of every day…you the the point. How many of these people know about your business? How many of them know about YOU? If you don’t have a marketing campaign I doubt anyone will ever find out about your network marketing business and if they do it wont be from you. All of the other tools discussed in this article will fall under this “primary tool”. Keep reading to find out what I mean…

2) Capture Pages

You may be scratching your head wondering what a capture page is. Simply put, a capture page is a website that requires the visitor to enter their contact information in order to proceed to the next page. Usually, a name and email is what your after. Capture pages are used to entice the visitor to “opt-in” or “subscribe” to your website so they can continue on to more information. Capture pages are like billboards or T.V. commercials but only better!

3) Email Auto-Responder

An email auto-responder is how you communicate effectively with the contacts you get from you capture pages. You can set up automated emails to be sent out on a daily basis to your list of contacts. Being able to communicate to your list is extremely important and cannot be ignored.

4) Social networking

Social Networking sites have exploded into something I doubt anyone could have predicted. If you don’t have a Facebook, MySpace or Twitter account your missing out on the action. Not only are these great tools to use for socializing with friends and family, they are also an incredible tool to have in your arsenal as a network marketer. Social networking sites allow you to connect with people you may not have been able to connect with in the real world. Logging onto Facebook and blasting your business opportunity to your friends is not how you should use social networking. This is a common mistake made by many network marketers. This tool is extremely powerful if you use it correctly.

5) Blog

A blog is a website that acts as the central nervous system of your entire marketing campaign. Network marketing is a business model that requires people to “network” with others in order to generate sales. A blog is similar in nature. Setting up a blog will help you connect all of your websites (social networking, capture pages, company websites, articles, videos etc) together to form a “web” affect that your prospects will fly in to.

6) Article Marketing Software

You may be familiar with the power of article marketing. Article marketing is a form of content marketing which provides a solution to someone’s problem. When someone searches for “Monavie Review” in Google they are more than likely looking for reviews about Monavie because they are considering joining that company. If you write an article about Monavie you could potentially have thousands of prospects reading your article. Article marketing takes time and research in order to be effective. This is a skill one must develop over time. However, there is software out there, that if used correctly, will result in 10x times as many views of your articles. In general, the idea is to write an article and then submit it to an article directory where it will be posted online. This process is tedious and time consuming. You can automate this submitting process using an automated article submitter program. Most of these tools are less than $100 and are worth every penny. With one click of the mouse you can have your article submitted to hundreds of popular article directories.

7) Screen recording software

Video marketing is huge. If you are not making videos and posting them online you are losing out on a lot of traffic. Maybe the reason you haven’t made a video yet is because your too shy or just not comfortable on camera. A screen recording tool allows you to record your computer screen and save it as a video. So now you can make a video about your companies compensation plan or do a power point presentation about your business opportunity. Most computers have a free, built-in, video recording programs but editing features are limited. Downloading a paid screen recording program is a good investment for any network marketer.

8) Webinar Hosting

Giving live webinar presentations is a secret that most successful network marketers keep to themselves. Hosting a webinar does so many things for your business. Having the capability to host a webinar will dramatically change the way you market to your list of prospects and at the same time will establish yourself as a leader within your company. There are many paid for webinar hosting companies that offer free trials. Most of the popular ones are safe to use.

9) Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a paid form of advertising. The good thing is you can set up a campaign for any budget. Even if its just a dollar a day. If done correctly you will net a profit every month. The good thing about Pay Per Click marketing is that it can be scaled up to thousands of dollars a day but the knowledge required remains the same. One tool that is a must when using PPC marketing is the Google Keyword Tool. This tool will give you great information about potential keywords to use.

10) Cutting-Edge Training

Training is an essential network marketing tool that you cannot live without. The internet is continually changing and you must stay in front of the trend if you want to be successful in this industry. The saying, “The early bird gets the worm” could never be more true in regards to marketing your business online. It seems like every day there is a new cutting-edge strategy made public where some internet marketing kid makes millions of dollars using it. Bottom line – your either moving forward or moving backwards in this industry. Having the right training available to you will give you that advantage to keep you on track and in front of the trend.

Thank you for reading this article I hope you have found these Network Marketing Tools to be helpful. I wish you the best of luck and success to your network marketing business.