Marketing and advertising are interrelated businesses. Marketing involves the sale of a product while advertising plays a very important role in its promotion. They are the two of the most essential factors in any business today. Hence, their demand is increasing tremendously. Big companies hire various marketing and advertising firms in order to sell their products. The primary requirement for any company that hires a marketing and advertising firm is a considerable budget for the same.

All companies depend to a great extent on marketing and advertising for the expansion of business, but this is especially true of branded companies. The main reason behind their exorbitant prices is the different marketing and advertising costs they bear. These costs generally include advertising through television, print, direct event marketing campaigns and other expenses related to their contracts involving large marketing and advertising staff. These make up the marketing and advertising costs of the establishment. The only difference is that the big companies prefer to utilize very expensive and high quality marketing and advertising of their products or business. This expensive marketing and advertising chosen by them costs them a great deal and this reflects in the price of their products.

At times, the market is completely saturated and there are not many sales. At such times certain companies eliminate their marketing and advertising costs by making use of other options available. For instance, they personally contact their potential clients so that their marketing and advertising costs during that period is zero.

Through marketing and advertising, a direct connection is established between the public and the firm. This is achieved through television, radio or newspapers. Hence, marketing and advertising for any business organization is necessary and hence the involved cost for advertisements must be planned in a systematic manner keeping in mind company requirements and the financial potential of the company.