Market value comes from our OOMPH- the power we enjoy in certain market segments. Our customers, partners and supporters create our initial market value. The more market supporters we have, the more credibility we enjoy. The more credibility, the greater our market value.

Market Value is a strong driver of revenue – and success.

We can have the best product in the world – but if buyers don’t see any Market Value around our business, we won’t be successful. We can have the best innovation ever, but if there’s no Market Value associated with our company – we won’t easily get audience attention.

It takes major effort to create Market Value, yet we can lose it in an instant. Just look at BP’s executive comments and the market’s resulting outrage.

There are a number of ways to create Market Value. For example, when:

  • Our buyers and/or our partners are successful, we create Market Value.
  • A number of leading players in a market segment are our customers, we have value in that segment.
  • We’ve been recognized for years as the market leader in a certain industry, we have Market Value in that industry.

The key to market value is focusing on our audiences, making them successful.

For every customer or partner success that we empower, we attain more than just revenue; we capture market recommendations. When customers speak highly of us, when partners share our value with their own audiences, when industry experts point to our value-we grow in Market Value and power.

Market leaders know the power of Market Value.

Look at Toyota. They get the power of Market Value. Toyota had tons of Market Value before their recent safety issues. Even after they had big safety problems with their cars, they still retained Market Value. Toyota owners were supporting them, even as our Congress was lambasting their CEO.

Toyota did exactly what they needed to do to maintain their Market Value. They stepped up like a market leader. They focused on the very aspect that mattered most – the safety of their buyers. They didn’t focus on making more money, hiding their scandals (once the secret was out) or pointing fingers – as we’ve seen with the Gulf fiasco. They stepped up and took ownership of the issue.

In 2010 they won multiple safety awards for their new auto models. Their Market Value is back…if it ever really left. Toyota owners were pretty loyal through it all, thanks to Toyota’s overall philosophy of great service and quality products.

We all should learn a lesson from Toyota. They take their Market Value seriously.

Rebel Brown consistently challenges the status quo whether it be in her personal life, or to deliver optimum solutions and high velocity growth for her clients and readers. She combines the lessons learned from over 20 years as a global Corporate Strategy, Launch and Turnaround Expert, along with the strategic expertise, tactical savvy, leadership and motivational skills needed to get the job done.