To be successful in Market America, you need to find people to talk to, and introduce your business to… otherwise known as leads. Without those Market America leads, your business faces a certain death… and if your spending your time on poor, unqualified leads, this may mean you will be tortured day after day… until that death comes.

A Little History:

Market America was founded in 1992 by James Ridinger and is a privately held LLC. The company markets nutritional supplements auto and pet care products, cosmetics, and communications products through an on-line web portal. Based in Greensboro, NC, the company posted 2008 sales of $282 million, and their web site claims to have 180,000 independent sales representatives.

If you look carefully at its products, as well as its “Mall without Walls ” concept, one could easily conclude Market America is a good business opportunity

The Agony of Failure:

The company still subscribes to a “One-To-One marketing philosophy”, focusing on warm market and personal contact strategies. Most marketers, after spending only 30 days in the business, will come to realize the the these methods, often referred to as the ‘Fuller Brush Man” technique, are a recipe for failure.

Then, maybe someone points out those “business opportunity” leads you see advertised on the internet. Let’s face it, you get desperate… you need this business venture to work, so you start spending $5 – $25 per lead. Imagine the look on your face when you find out these leads have been “sold” to countless marketers before them, and are now junk! The pain just keeps getting worse.

Market America Leads – The Answer Is Right In Front Of Us:

Honestly, that ad you saw IS the answer you are looking for. What that marketer did is promote a product (business opportunity leads) and put that information on the Internet in front of you, a person who has a need, want, and desire those leads. You need to do the same to generate those Market America Leads!

Imagine taking the story of the products and services of Market America, and putting them in from of millions of people every hour! Smart marketer’s know that they need to become an expert in their company, and that harnessing the power of the internet is the secret to success in network marketing. People want these products and services, and people want to follow leaders. Are you ready to tell your story to millions of people every hour? Are you ready to be a leader in Market America?

How Can I learn How To Do This?

There are a number of Professional marketing Training Companies that, as part off their training, will help you set up a web site, and teach you how to “market” your company on the internet. With today’s leading edge technology, anyone who knows how to write an email can master these programs.

While there is a cost involved, this is a very specialized set of skills. Learning and implementing these skills will become a major investment in you and your company. Don’t be afraid to compare “what you get” with each training package, and the length of time it will take you to “master” these techniques.

In Conclusion:

Being a professional, with a professional looking web page is the key to start generating those Market America leads. Using the “super geek” down the street” to save a couple of bucks could be a decision that could ruin your business. This is an investment in your future; make sure you make a wise choice in that training company.