You are only authentically living and maximizing your health and fitness when you are being your own authentic, incomparable self. It is hard, you may be saying, to just live, to just survive, in these stressful economic times, but that is because we are limited by our beliefs about health and fitness. Now, with the movie “limitless” out, we may all be wondering if we would take a pill that would make us be able to be the so-called perfect version of our self, the self that could utilize 100% of our brain instead of the 20% that is typically used. Imagine, that we could all be the “charlie/charleen sheen” version of our selves!

However, there are negative side effects to taking such a drug. For example, in the movie the main character gets migraine headaches, and he has withdrawal symptoms, if he stops taking the pill. But we can be the limitless version of ourselves naturally, without drugs and without negative side effects. It requires that we risk developing our limitless human consciousness. Most of us now have limited consciousness because we are fearful of being limitless.

All of society, all of culture is based on limitations, ie written or unwritten rules. It is called a social contract. However we pay to belong to the social contract and we pay with our authenticity, and we pay with having our health and fitness affected. The social contract we all belong to demands that we be limited in our consciousness. We are all limited by being placed into categories from birth, (or even prior to birth because of technology we now know the gender of a foetus). We conform to the social, cultural categories of race, ethnicity, gender, class, social and cultural definitions of what health and fitness is, ie what the media define to be beauty, youth, etc., and because we conform and internalize these definitions, our consciousness conforms and is limited.

Limitless consciousness is available to all by freeing ourselves from all the social, and cultural dramas that we are addicted to. It is our limited ego that wants to hold onto and worship at the altar of (the illusion of) control. We are all addicted to the arrogant belief that we can control our lives, when, unless we have limitless consciousness, our lives control us. We are fearful of the creativity involved in the chaos of the limitless consciousness. Rather than welcome the creative chaos of limitless consciousness we run from limitless freedom into social, and cultural limitations.

With limitless consciousness we can provide ourselves with an internal, unique, authentic limitless (ie Utopian) society and culture to replace the external limited society and culture. We are all only practicing having a social and cultural contract with others, until we gain enough experience with partial limited consciousness (ie fitting in belonging, etc.) to risk mastering having a limitless consciousness contract with our self. The evolutionary trend is toward limitless consciousness and the extension of the quantity and the quality of our health and fitness. We can all risk being unlimited in our consciousness now. It just requires being brave.

For instance, instead of existing on just a minimal number of hours of sleep, we need whatever quantity/quality of sleep that will de-condition us so that our consciousness can begin to become free from social and cultural limitations. Once we begin to be free from social and cultural limitations, our instinct and intuition will be strengthened enough to guide us further on, into limitless consciousness. We then will be able to listen to our own unique instincts and intuition about what the best food is for us. For example, my instinct and intuition tells me that when I eat meat, the meat is eating me back! Then we will exercise, etc., because our instincts and intuition motivates us to be limitless, instead of being motivated by limited goals, ie money, fame, power, etc.