Years ago, we didn’t have the internet. Network Marketers built their businesses by contacting friends and family. After exhausting our warm market, we had no choice but to purchase advertising materials like postcards, mailing lists, and classified ads. These advertising strategies were over $10,000! Advertising back then was not cheap. Today, you can literarily contact thousands of people with a click of a mouse. The internet has changed the way we access information and how network marketer’s advertise.

After careful research and due diligence, I was able to learn internet marketing strategies that allowed me to generate my own leads online for little or no money.

I’m about to reveal the 5 top marketing strategies that has created the momentum I needed in my business. Don’t be fooled, there is a learning curve to these strategies. I didn’t have thousands of leads overnight. However, after applying these strategies on a consistent basis, I have generated a consistent lead flow of hungry prospects that are ready and willing to join my business.

The search engines and social networking sites are effective ways to reach huge amount of people. The top internet traffic sites are listed on

1. Google and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way to reach a lot of potential porspects. You will find Pay-Per-Click Ads listed on the right-hand side of Google searches. Pay-Per-Click can range anywhere from $0.05 to $10.00 per click. Pay-Per-Click keyword costs will vary due to competition. A personal friend of mine generates 90 to 100 leads a day using Pay-Per-Click. Unless you can cover your costs, I wouldn’t spend more than an average of $0.30 per click. You can lose a lot of money using Pay-Per-Click if you do not know what to do.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Linkin, and Myspace has really helped people all over the world build relationships and make friends. What I like about Facebook in that you can enter someone’s email to see if this person is listed. I use Facebook to connect with my Google Pay-Per-Click leads. How cool is that? The best part about these social networking sites is that they a free. Become a member with one or two of these sites is easy. You need to take advantage of them.

3. My recent adventure into online marketing has been Article Marketing. Article marketing will allow you to reach the top of search engines. What I really like about article marketing is that it’s free and you articles stay on the internet forever. I’m still getting leads from old published articles.

4. Have you heard of YouTube? Video marketing has really taken over the internet now that we can upload large amounts of data in a short period of time. I remember when I had dial-up internet access. Talk about a slow crawling dinosaur! Uploading pictures took forever using dial-up. Video marketing will really help your article standout. Not only are your prospects reading your material, they are also watching it. A perfect marketing marriage!

5. After your prospects find your articles, videos, and Pay-Per-Click ads, they will want to find out who you are. Remember, people join network marketing companies based on who sponsors them. Blogging is the best form of You Marketing. Let people find you. You really can load a person up with information using a blog. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can have a WordPress blog up today.

If you’re tight on money, I would start with the social marketing sites, the video marketing sites, and article marketing sites because they are free. The fastest way to gain internet exposure is to use all five strategies. Eventually you will want to learn Pay-Per-Click while learning the free strategies.
Find you niche! Some people love blogging while other like article marketing. Incorporate and build on your marketing strengths.

One last thought about internet marketing etiquette: please use judgment, common sense, and above all, be honest. Don’t post something you wouldn’t want your own mother to see and read. Please do trick people to click on your advertising links. This form of advertising is unethical and should never be practiced. For example, job postings. Job postings are for people looking for jobs, not your multi-level marketing company.

These 5 marketing strategies will really create the exposure you need to set yourself up for network marketing success. I wish you the best on your internet marketing endeavors.