Internet Marketing is one of the best forms of sales and marketing available today. It does not matter if you are a small company or a Fortune 10 company. Internet Marketing will help you get more leads than you know what to do with, sell more of your products and services, make better relationships, stay in touch with existing customers and so much more.

Most people draw a blank when it comes to Internet Marketing. Even high level executives, like CEO’s and VP’s of Marketing, are not sure what it is or how it really works or what they can get from it. Many think it’s just internet optimization, others that it is internet advertising. It is both, and more…

Internet Marketing is now the most powerful tool at your disposal for marketing. It has everything traditional marketing has plus more and for less money. Here are some of the weapons available in your internet marketing arsenal:

. Direct Mail

. Target Advertising

. Lead Management

. Newsletters

. Customer Management

. Marketing Communications

. Public Relations

. Catalogs

. Direct Sales

. Hard Sales

. One on One real time communication

. Target Marketing

. Segmentation

. Branding

. Product and Services Directories

These bullet points are just a few of the possibilities available with Online Marketing. Each point has enough information to write a whole book on the subject.

To start understanding the power of Internet Marketing you have to get away from several old notions and stereotypes about online marketing. One of those notions is your Main Website. Most people and companies have their home page and that’s all they have. It is the symbol of corporate identity and their #1 form of communication online, or so they think. In reality most people will only visit your website when they are looking for you and only you. In rare cases will they find you if they are looking for your competition or the products and services you provide. Most companies, unless someone searches for them under their exact name or website, will never be found.

The reality is that even if someone looks for your products and services they will not find you. If you are lucky and good, a small portion will find you. The first step that you need to take to have a larger presence online is to create more Web Pages. Simple, right? Yes, actually. The problem is most people don’t realize this simple fact. Now, how powerful is this idea? Well, imagine that you have 5 buildings or offices around your city, state, or country. Now imagine you have 10, 20, or 30 offices. How many more customers would you attract because you have more offices, more real-estate, more presence? It is the same concept online. The more websites you have the more business you will generate.

Your websites should not be all carbon copies of one another. They should all be different, all targeted, all packed with useful, up to date information.

These websites will generate more leads than your main website because they are targeted. For example, if you sell desktop software like Windows, ACT or Photoshop you would not create 3 websites selling all 3 software. On the contrary, you would create 3 websites selling each product individually. The websites would be targeted to that single product. For example, the ACT software is a sales management software so the website would have sales and marketing links and articles, tips on how to use ACT and even case studies of companies using the product.

Why would this ACT software website be successful? Think about it, if you are looking for this type of software online or any type of sales or marketing software and you find this site packed with information, what will you do? Most likely you will stay there and read more information, hopefully even bookmark the page and recommend it to others. This makes the website a real Marketing Website.