Many people believe that the internet is an easier, cheaper and quicker way to achieve success and make money. However, nothing can be farther from truth. Success rate of online businesses is very low and 97 out of every 100 internet businesses fail and close shop within a couple of years. Experts believe that one of the main reasons for failure lies in the lack of any internet marketing education and training among the business owners.

Until recently, most business owners did not recognize the need for training and applied their knowledge of traditional marketing in their online venture. A few business owners did feel the latent need for internet marketing education but were hesitant in investing time and effort in it. These entrepreneurs resorted to books and online articles that provided only superficial knowledge about various online marketing concepts.

Now the business community has realized that if they want to make their ventures successful in the online world, they need to have formal training. Internet marketing education for business owners is primarily aimed to provide them with essential knowledge, tools and resources that they can use to improve their marketing efforts and maximize returns on revenue.

A good internet marketing training program provides insight to the business owners on:

o Fundamentals of Internet Marketing: One of the first things that good internet marketing education helps you realize is the vast difference between conventional marketing methods and online marketing. It is vital for you to distinguish between these two as soon as possible and identify the online marketing methods that will work for your business.

o Online Marketing Research: The internet is not only a great marketplace; it is also a great tool for conducting market research, which is vital for the success of any online business venture. Through internet marketing training, a business owner learns about the needs of his or her potential customers, evaluates existing competitive products and determines if there is a gap between the two that their business can successfully fill.

o Search Engines: Very few business owners have the ability to understand the intricacies of search engines and their role in the success of an online business venture. A good internet marketing training program will not only educate you on how search engines work but will also teach you about rankings, submissions, optimization, and other ways to market your business through search engines.

o Advertising: One of the main reasons for failure of many online businesses is that they are unable to differentiate between which online advertising works and which doesn’t work for them. They end up spending most of their advertising money on mediums that gives little or no return. A good internet marketing training program provides you with in-depth information on these concepts. Once equipped with this knowledge, you can efficiently choose the right online advertising media such as podcasting, RSS feeds and blogs to promote your business.

o Internet Trends: The internet is one of the fastest changing technologies and it is difficult for anyone to keep tabs on the latest trends and updates. Every day, there are revolutionary products and technologies being launched that are changing the whole paradigm of what works and what does not. An effective internet marketing training program will not only prepare entrepreneurs and business owners for today’s marketing needs but will also prepare them for online marketing needs of the future.

Internet marketing education for entrepreneurs and business owners enhances the probability of success in the online business ventures significantly and, therefore, it is recommended that anyone contemplating an internet business must seriously consider it.