Internet marketing is feeling down and going through a long period of sickness…


Puking Product Launches

Joint Venture Vomiting

The Boys Club Biliousness (you give me your testimonial and I’ll give you mine!)

Sensationalism Sickness

Not so long ago the internet marketing community were all blasted with “ADSENSE IS DEAD”

Some believed it, some didn’t, personally I believed it but only because I wasn’t earning from it, but you try telling that to people like Joel Comm and the other internet marketing people, who are still receiving healthy cheques from Google, I think they might have one or two words to the contrary!

Now we are faced with the headline “Internet Marketing Is Dead”.

Do we believe it? Is the author just being alarmist or scare mongering or seeking the limelight? Well regarding the latter of those three, and considering the author is internet marketing “Guru”, Mike Filsaime, I think not!

Now Mike Filsaime claimed in the report that he was not selling anything, there was no “one time offer” and no “back end product”…. I believe him, but considering that the site where the internet marketing report was downloaded, was in the very low hundreds of the most popular web sites, (not only internet marketing but the whole world wide web, and this was confirmed by Mike himself in an E-mail to his existing list) then I think I can safely say that he scraped together one hell of a sizeable internet marketing, mailing list in the last few days!

OK we must not forget that he paid $1 for every name that was referred to his list by some other internet marketer, but you can bet your life that he will be monetizing that list at some time in the future, and I don’t think he will publicise the fact when he does!

On the same subject, the internet marketing ace, Scott Boulch collected a list of over 38,000 internet marketing names during the period that he promoted his “Adsense Is Dead” campaign, and now he’s promoting the list building software with which he did it!

But Scott never claimed that he wouldn’t make any money from it!

All I’m saying is that these internet marketing people at the top, have an awful lot of pulling power! and unfortunately, a large amount of the internet marketing community are desperate to make money, and therefore fall into the “sheep mentality”, allowing themselves to be shepherded through the internet marketing fields of the internet, and eventually to the market of monetization or even salesmanship slaughter!

The internet marketing “Gurus” of today have pop star status and tremendous powers to influence their followers.

Just like the top guns in the currency markets have the power to sway markets at will and enough influence to bring a small country to its knees. The sad thing is, they do it with their own interests at heart!


Let’s just think about things for a moment….

When you get a recommendation for an internet marketing product in your inbox, you’re dying to find out about it, if, it sounds good, but where are you going to go to get that kind of information?

There isn’t one place- there are hundreds of internet marketing forums… discussion boards, etc..
Some people go to internet marketing forums and boards but there’s little moderator controls there… the only incentive to post in a forum about an internet marketing product, besides being really helpful, is to place your affiliate link in the signature file so you could get a few sales, and this is important: So there’s NO incentive to post a NEGATIVE about a product…

There is no “consumer report” on internet marketing products or people in the internet marketing industry, and even if there was, most people in the internet marketing niche would believe that it was not an ‘objective’ review anyway, if it came from the publisher of the site…

Skepticism is at an all time high in the internet marketing niche… (and probably other niches too).

So, what’s your answer to the question: WHO DO YOU TRUST? When it comes to buying products in the Internet marketing niche? Where do you go for OBJECTIVE advice and reviews before you buy?

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