Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are a few of the trickiest things I have ever had the pleasure of trying in my short 30 years. Now I’m going to give you a few tips on making your internet marketing and affiliate marketing take off organically.

There are a hundred different gurus out there telling you how to market on the web how to do multiple things that will make you rich overnight, quit your job, and have a great life with fast cars lots of women and everything else in between. Well that’s all great but, and that is a big but, there is a lot of work involved as well. Now I don’t want to scare you, but realize that internet and affiliate marketing is a lot of work. You won’t all of a sudden get a thousand hits and make a killing on the web. But there are ways to make that money and here are a few great tips that you can use to optimize your time and marketing efforts.

1. Get used to writing! Writing articles is an awesome form of bum marketing and will get you some visitors coming to your site. I’m not talking writing one or two articles I’m talking writing 3 a day. Sounds like a lot but look around the web get ideas on what other people in your marketing are answering and you have articles now.

2. Get a website. Some people will tell you to work through Squidoo and but I never really had much success although search engines do love Squidoo I sometimes feel more in control with my own hosting plan and website.

3. Find monetizing affiliate programs. Whether you want to go with AdSense or one of the hundred different affiliate programs find something that pays well and is in your market.

4. Find a niche that isn’t overly marketed and saturated. Sometimes going after the giant isn’t the best idea. Picking up the scraps will keep you full. It is easy enough to find a market. Pick something that sells and isn’t over sold. But how? Simple go to Google keyword tool and type in a few keywords and figure out what has low competition and lower searches (this is because if it’s too broad you will be lost) and pick them. Now find what you want to sell and market them with your website with the articles and the content you place on your site.

5. Get some back links coming in to your site with free blogs and free tools like directories and the like. Every bit helps.

Now this is pretty basic but gives you a rough idea about some of the things you need to get going.