Have you ever noticed how blending together two or more rather ordinary ingredients in a recipe can sometimes result in a truly spectacular new taste experience? My son, for example, recently prepared baked salmon with just a little bit of fresh saffron added. Wow!! That was by far the best salmon I’ve ever eaten!

Well, no big surprise, this synergistic principle holds true in many other domains as well. It even happens occasionally that two people with very different strengths and weaknesses can team up to be highly successful together.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that this principle has now been applied very successfully to the domain of online marketing. More specifically, I want to focus on a new hybrid form of marketing has been created by “marrying,” as it were, a particular form of internet marketing and of network marketing. And, in retrospect, it’s easy to wonder, “why didn’t anyone think of this before?”

In order to appreciate the significance of this new hybrid, it’s important, first of all, to recognize the respective inherent weaknesses of internet and network marketing.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Internet Marketing

Let’s start with internet marketing. Anyone who has ever surfed on a traffic exchange can attest to the fact that new internet marketing systems are as prevalent as the ever-evolving variants of the flu virus. Also, if you follow the careers of the most well-known internet marketing gurus, you know that they are constantly reinventing themselves, forever offering something “new and better.”

The reason for this, I believe, is that internet marketing systems (or “schemes,” as some might call them pejoratively) tend to have a very short half-life. By their very nature, they tend to be intrinsically ephemeral and unstable. Nevertheless, on the positive side, the better ones do, indeed, often offer a way to generate some very impressive short-term income.

So one major downside of internet marketing is always having to scramble and to invent brand new ways of attracting prospects to the newest “ground floor opportunity.”

A second and related general shortcoming is that this form of marketing simply does not provide a way to generate long-term, stable residual income.

So, in summary, the main strength of really good internet marketing systems is that they sometimes offer a way to generate a highly impressive stream of immediate income. Figuratively speaking, as I’ll point out shortly, they can serve, therefore, as excellent “kindling” for building a real hot and long-lasting fire.

The Strong and Weak Points of Network Marketing

Now let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of network marketing by and large. First of all, its great strength is best demonstrated in the fact that it has produced more millionaires than any single other industry around. On the other hand, the rate of “failure” for those who join this industry is notoriously high–somewhere around 95%, according to the most commonly cited statistics.

So, on the positive side, the small handful of outstanding and well-established network marketing companies hold the very real promise of generating, in a relatively short period of time, a high-level and highly stable residual income or “walkaway money,” as it’s sometimes called. Unlike with internet marketing then, this industry provides a highly attractive path to true financial and time freedom. But its extremely high failure rate is definitely an Achilles heel. It has also contributed in a major way to the highly prevalent negative prejudice about this industry.

Three of the most critical challenges for network marketing are: 1) Having an abundant source of highly qualified potential partners; 2) finding a way to get these new partners into positive cashflow as quickly as possible so that they don’t become discouraged and drop out; and 3) having sufficient capital to pay for the advertising that is nearly always necessary in order to build a large network marketing organization in a reasonably short period of time.

A Marriage Made In Heaven

So here we have two different forms or models of marketing, each of which by itself has some impressive strengths, but also some major defects. What do you suppose would happen if the most outstanding specimens in each of these related industries were to link up and get married, so to speak?

Well, a prototype of just such a marriage has already occurred and the resulting hybrid, for want of a better name, will be referred to here generically as Integrated Marketing. Although it’s still in the honeymoon period, it clearly bears great promise of producing more rapid growth and a higher degree of success for its members than has ever before occurred in the history of either network or internet marketing.

Providing that each of the two partners in such a “marriage” are, indeed, strong and healthy, the resulting union can definitely be highly synergistic. The word “synergistic” here is used in its common sense of meaning that the results exceed the sum of the individual parts.

The two partners in this union can be referred to generically as “Get Instant Cash” (or GIC for short) and Residual Income Formula (or RIF).

Here are some of the clearcut advantages of this union:

1) GIC, by utilizing the abundant resources of the internet, provides an effective way to tap into a nearly infinite source of highly qualified potential partners for both parts of the business.

2) GIC also has the potential for generating massive immediate income. (In the prototype I’m familiar with, members are commonly generating–and getting paid–several hundred dollars a week.)

3. A portion of this income can be dedicated to buying advertising to generate even more income AND to fund the RIF side of the business.

4. This obviously promotes a highly accelerated development of a huge downline organization on the RIF side.

So, returning to my earlier analogy, I view the Integrated Marketing approach as being quite similar to the approach I’ve often used on camping trips to quickly build a large, hot fire, in spite of having green or wet wood

The secret has always been to find some very dry and highly flammable kindling. My favorite form of this has usually been to break off the dead, very dry, and pitch-laden branches of an evergreen tree. Usually, a single match will ignite this tinder into a small, but very hot fire.

Then, in order to create a huge and long-lasting fire, all that’s necessary is to keep feeding the flames with additional dry wood until it becomes sufficiently hot that it will ignite even large, green or wet logs. The final result is typically a large, hot fire that will burn for hours and which always produces a bed of equally long-burning coals.

Internet marketing, by itself, is like burning only kindling. In order to keep the fire burning, it’s necessary to keep adding further kindling, which quickly burns out.

Network marketing, on the other hand, is a lot like trying to ignite wet or green wood without ANY kindling. The result of this is usually a fire that smolders at best, but simply won’t burn.

The secret, figuratively, is to integrate these two intrinsically incomplete forms of fire-building in order to create a long-lasting fire that will continue to provide warmth for whatever period of time is desired.

I wonder again why it took so long for someone to come up with this obvious solution.

George Shears is a veteran online marketer, who has published many articles about how to avoid the pitfalls of a home business. He is currently actively involved in marketing a unique and revolutionary new social media Facebook application for creating highly professional, multi-featured business pages. You can learn more by contacting him and/or by checking out his websites: