Many people want to believe that poorly designed “gimmick” machines are the way to get fast effective results in terms of health and fitness. Further all over the world fad diets are all the craze with more and more people spending amazing amounts of money on these quick fix solutions. “Gimmick” machines more than not prove to be both expensive and completely ineffective. Fad diets on the other hand seem to give people short term relief from their health and fitness burdens but are not sustainable in the long term. For an exercise and dietary regime to be effective it needs to focus on developing a long term lifestyle change. Therefore your exercise and nutritional programs should be conducive with your work, your budget and most importantly your goals.

To make your exercise and nutritional plans effective they must be specifically designed to how you want to live your life now and in the foreseeable future. You must ask yourself the following five questions:

1. How many times can I train per week?
2. How much time do I have to train during my training sessions?
3. What specifically do I want to achieve out of my training sessions?
4. Am I willing to make gradual changes to my diet over time so I can speed up the effectiveness of my training sessions?
5. How much do I want to spend on my fitness and nutritional needs knowing that I will be changing my life forever and some expenses will be recurring?

These questions should guide you away from the thought of spending an initial large sum of money to get perceived fast results. Further the answers to these questions should provide you with information from which you can develop a plan to achieve your goals. Fast and effective results are possible with correct guidance and with the aid of professionals you will be able to maintain these results for the rest of your life. When budgeting for your lifestyle change, keep in mind that knowledge is often the most inexpensive yet effective tool in changing and maintaining your body. Simple exercises performed properly with minimal equipment often lead to the best results. In terms of nutrition, a restructuring of your existing diet, will prove most effective in ensuring you can maintain a nutritional plan in the long term.