Network Marketing, have you heard of it? It is also called Multi-Level Marketing or MLM for short. MLM is one of the most rewarding home business opportunities today. It is also the most affordable way to start up a home-based business. Network marketing is based on relationship selling, which is state of the art in sales today. The greatest thing about MLM/ network marketing is that Network Marketing is “Brilliant”.

Network marketing is simply a business model, and it really amounts to “micro-franchising”. Let’s take a few seconds to review what network marketing is NOT and some compelling reasons as to why failing in network marketing is NOT entirely your fault. Home business network marketing is not about ME…. Really, I thought it was all about me…. Ahhh no! Let’s look at the typical business model. Most, no… ALL Business ventures depend on others to succeed, yes that’s right. They depend on you the customer and although many think that they don’t have to be concerned with helping others, the fortunate fact is that if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have their business for long either. The very customer that enables the typical businesspersons dreams and business to prosper is the same concept the network marketer in MLM has to adopt. I want my customer/representative and I want them to be happy/successful and then I can be successful because of it! Isn’t that simple!

Network marketing is a trade and like any other trade and most importantly, must be learned, like any career. The industry of network marketing is an $80 billion dollar business worldwide and it is only 50 years young. MLM or network marketing is when you actually recruit other sales people into an organization or “down line” in order to sell products or services. It is because of this transfer of product and/or service that makes the opportunity legal and not what some refer to in this industry as an “illegal” pyramid scheme (an illegal pyramid would involve a business which made money without the exchange of a product or service). What makes the MLM concept so brilliant is that in Network Marketing you can accomplish what franchise businesses accomplish through franchising without a tenth of the price tag of becoming an owner of one. The brilliance of this fact is if you take the time to learn your trade and build your business, your opportunity that cost you only an infinitesimal amount compared to the person who purchased a franchise, could create more income than the franchise business. That’s the potential! That is truly what network marketing is, a legitimate business model.

The concept behind network marketing is straightforward and intriguing to say the least and it is the finest example of the free enterprise system. Network Marketing is a brilliant career choice whether you build your business on a part-time or full-time basis. Network marketing is a people’s business, a business of relationships.

MLM is work and the only problem with network marketing is people, like any other business, but more so in MLM because it is about relationships. However, in MLM, people’s expectation of what it takes to become successful is skewed terribly. One of the reasons for this is that network marketing is not taunted as what it really is, a legitimate business. It is often presented as a “thing” that you get involved with for a reasonable investment and then you attend a meeting during the week and a training on the weekend and like pouring water on a seed it just grows exponentially and POOF, you’re rich. That is not putting the potential network marketer in the right frame of mind to succeed. They have to be taught that you have to start with good seed. Next comes the cultivating of the soil and then the planting of the seed at the right depth. Next the seed is covered and then watered and fertilized. Don’t forget it needs the right amount of sunlight to grow and constant tending until it can stand-alone. Network marketing is effective and successful as long as the person is able to find and cultivate the people until they can stand on their own and duplicate what you did for them to their organization. Isn’t that beautiful, it certainly can be. Making money in Network Marketing is not that hard when you take time to grow and are willing to do what it takes to learn the business, your business and apply what you learn. Network marketing is magical, but it isn’t a magic bullet.

Online Network Marketing is what you want and what I teach. Internet network marketing is the way to success. Network marketing is perfectly suited for the Internet, and as such, many people are having enormous success building network marketing businesses online. The secret to success in Internet based network marketing is a simple duplicate able system that anyone can follow– not just experienced network marketers. A benefit that is of crucial importance to succeed in network marketing is that of advertising, which allows you to market and Brand YOU, not the product or service you provide. By building online this can happen with the proper blueprint. Network Marketing is an equal opportunity business. Remember that network marketing is a business –” your own business. Network marketing is all about leverage, leverage of your time and your efforts. J. Paul Getty who stated, “I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own efforts” best recognized this concept. That’s Leverage!

Well the simple truth is network marketing is not for everyone, just like a typical business isn’t for everyone. However, it really should be even if it was just for the tax advantages of owning a business. You should take a moment and call your tax advisor and ask them what that would mean to you on your next tax return. One of the best parts about network marketing is the fact that you can make a lot of money without spending a lot of money. Network marketing is by far one the most incredible fortune building tools around. Network marketing is a business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Like any business, network marketing can be very challenging. For many people, having a home-based business in network marketing is their only realistic hope of making an extraordinary income. Network marketing is about sales, and sales are for extroverts and natural salespersons –” right? WRONG. Again, we are quick to admit that network marketing is not a business that anyone can do, but it is a business anyone can do that does what it takes to equip themselves to succeed. Network Marketing is the “smart” way to build a business. Network marketing is not immune to scams by any means, and it’s important that you are aware of anything that sounds unethical or illegal through educating yourself. Always remember that network marketing is a team business. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The key to Network Marketing is numbers, how many people you can put into a funnel for there to be a positive outcome at the bottom of the funnel. If MLM or network marketing is done right, it can be one of the quickest ways to a million dollars. Deciding that network marketing is the type of business you want to do is a great decision. Network Marketing is not a quick and easy scheme to riches. Network marketing is a great opportunity if you are in the right group.

In closing, MLM is a great business, you can be your own boss, create unlimited income, working hard just a few hours a week, and be financially free. Finally, the most rewarding advantage of network marketing is that you are helping other people achieve their dreams and goals and in doing so, you are accomplishing yours. Network marketing is less about the products and services and more about you. Network marketing is the same as any other business — to succeed you need a system, and more importantly you need to follow it.

The promise of Network Marketing is rewarding personal effort. Network Marketing is BOOMING on the Web. Are you still wondering if network marketing is still the best home based business opportunity? Network marketing is all about duplication. The beauty of Network Marketing is that anyone who is willing to put in the effort can succeed. Network Marketing is a major business. Network Marketing is the best way to go today financially.