Health is the state of mental and physical well being of an individual. The science of medicine helps in maintaining health. However, it is also noticed that it is possible to maintain good health due to individual effort.

Fitness is important to maintain a healthy body. It is a phenomenon that helps a person look, feel and work to better. It also plays an important part in conducting bodily activities efficiently. Working out the heart, lungs and muscles of the body are all related to physical fitness. However, fitness activities differ from person to person. There are many factors that affect the fitness of a person. They range from age, sex, exercise and eating habits. Before an individual starts on a fitness program, it is necessary for him to evaluate a few things that affect his health and fitness. For a fitness program to give the desired result, it needs to be administered with care.

Activities to be incorporated in the fitness programs have to be decided after analyzing various components of fitness. Controlling weight is an important part of physical fitness. Muscle tone development is another aspect that is taken care of by fitness programs. A good fitness program suggests the best time for exercising. Exercises are adjusted according to the work schedules of the individuals.

Fitness programs also suggest diets for individuals. Eating habits are an important factor affecting health and fitness programs. A major advantage of following health and fitness programs is that these plans are suggested for long-term health unlike the weight loss programs that are short-term based. It provides improved health in terms of better performance of vital body organs. It also provides a sense of well being due to more energy and better stamina.