If you aren’t very tech-savvy or a great artist, finding a good header graphics developer, whether it’s a person or a piece of software, may be one of the hardest parts of making a website.

It’s true that you can always spend a lot of money to outsource your graphic design requirements, but doing so when you’re just getting started will place a significant burden on your finances. What if someone created a device with a very low learning curve that allowed you to do it yourself and was reasonably priced?

Well, you can now. I beyond.fr discovered this programme to be an easy-to-use Windows-based graphics generator that enables you to create header graphics, report covers, CD/DVD covers, software boxes, and more in professional quality. You don’t have to learn Photoshop or have a degree in art to make stunning graphics, like headers, book covers, or elaborate backgrounds.

If you’re anything like me, your computer undoubtedly has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of unused header images. And each time you want to use one, you either fight to add your content to it (resulting in something, let’s say, “less than professional”) or you hardly ever obtain the results you desire.

Using this user-friendly graphics software, I was able to design my own graphics for several of my sites, including three eBooks and a special report. My projects probably took approximately 20 minutes to finish.

To utilise this product, you may either use the fonts that are currently installed on your computer or search online for more elegant free fonts from a variety of sources. I’ve discovered a few very original typefaces that really improve my drawings.

Make sure you are not breaching any copyrights while using backdrop blanks or images, and that the images you use are either your own or free of any licencing requirements. Of course, stock picture agencies like iStockphoto provide the greatest images to work with, and their modest fees are well worth it.

Once your images are prepared, all you need to do is launch the application, create a new project, choose a template, and begin creating. You may either design new graphics from scratch or import blank ones.

So, to sum up how simple creating graphics is with this package:

Importing a blank header is step one.

This stage involves inserting a blank header image that I discovered on my computer’s hard disc that was made for a website geared around bicycles. (You can also search Google for “free header graphic” to find thousands of free header images that you can use instead.

Add text and format in step two.

Then, after positioning it on the header and typing in the text I want to use, I choose the font, size, and colour I want to use (again, I can choose from any typeface on my computer’s hard drive).

Colorise and add text effects in Step 3

The exciting part now is when I choose our colours and apply text effects like a drop shadow and an edge or border.

4th Step: Export and Save

Finally, I save my project and export my header as a jpeg picture, and it’s ready for usage! Because GFX Writer uses a unique project format similar to PSD files, I can always come back to my project and reopen it if I need to change this header.

Until you feel the need and have the funds to outsource, you may simply create graphics using a user-friendly programme like GFX Writer. I can say with certainty that witnessing your work come to life online gives you a fantastic feeling of pride. And as an added benefit, you may decide to launch a company doing graphics and product covers and become the person other people hire! Investigating this product is undoubtedly worthwhile.