In the previous article I talked about the importance of becoming efficient in the art of piquing as the initial phase of the three part recruiting process. There was an example of how to use an uncomplicated piquing line to begin a conversation about your business. And the appealing part of it is that when done right you won’t bruise or wound your prospects.

But, in reality most amateur network marketers doing it this way invariably hit massive road blocks over ninety percent of the time. So you had better be ready to talk to and be turned away by a lot of people. There are too many possible reasons to list here in this article exactly why this happens, but suffice it to say that most contending marketers that use old school prospecting strategies spend an overabundance of time approaching the wrong people.

The MLM industry is truly unique. Virtually anyone can join a company as a representative and start his own network marketing business without knowing anything about marketing or having any skills in sales. Afterward the new business owner can sponsor another individual into the business with the responsibility of training his new team member. Now you indeed the blind is leading the blind. As a result the new representative will more than likely experience same level of success that his sponsor is having… none.

This is the process most new reps are taught, to bring in who ever will come. The plan is to approach the “warm market” first, family, friends and co-workers. In theory, the warm market will be more receptive because a relationship already exist between the marketer and his warm market prospects. As I said, in theory. But in the real world not only are the majority of warm market prospects not qualified, but they have no interest in owning a business, especially if it involves network marketing. Logically speaking you would think that if you are rejected by your warm market who should already know, like and trust you, why would you expect better results from those that don’t?

Question. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone already knowledgeable about the industry, and already interested in starting a network marketing business called you and asked you about what you were doing? These people already understand the industry and are already sold on the business model and are simply looking for someone to help them reach their goals through a network marketing home based business. No explaining, no rejection.

These are the kinds of results you can expect when you use attraction marketing strategies correctly. Now you can choose to play the numbers game and attempt to contact enough people until you do make a sale through old-school prospecting, or you can position yourself as a leader in a way that makes it possible for those that are interested to find and contact you. You see you need to understand that if you’re going to sell something to someone, you’ve got to find a way to get invited into a prospect’s world as a welcomed guest, not a pest. When he invites you into his world, he is basically asking you to sell to him. In this way you broken through all of the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else.